December 19, 2013

Today: Students completed pre-lab of P8 and began making observations.  Their P7 lab report was due today.

Homework: CHECK POWER SCHOOL - late work needs to get in!

2 days!

Mrs. Setten


December 17, 2013

Today: IT'S SNELL'S LAW DAY! We will work to understand the formula and use it to solve for angle of refraction.  Students then worked on their P7 summary questions by calculating the angle of refraction and then drawing in the angles of incidence, reflection and refraction on a diagram.

Homework: P7 Summary Qs (Calculations, Diagrams) -NEED PROTRACTOR AND CALCULATOR!

4 more days!

Mrs. Setten


December 12, 2013

Today: Students continued working on the pre-lab for P7.  They drew in the angles of incidence and angles of reflection for light rays at 75, 45, 25, and 0 degrees from the normal for both air and water.


Mrs. Setten


December 11, 2013

Today: Students took notes on the Law of Reflection and Snell's Law.  They also practiced using the protractor.

Homework: Protractor Packet

PLEASE CHECK POWER SCHOOL! I am missing many light projects and lab reports at this time!

Mrs. Setten


December 5, 2013

Today: Students ran the chromatography lab to separate the pigments in green spinach leaves and a variety of colors.

Homework: If you have not submitted the light mini-project or lab E4, please do so ASAP!

Check your updated grades!

Mrs. Setten


November 25, 2013

Today:  Students extracted leaf pigments by boiling the leaves in methyl alcohol!  They will use the leaf pigment solution tomorrow to compete lab E4. 

Homework:  LIGHT MINI-PROJECTS - due tomorrow (Tuesday)

I am hoping to send you home with NO homework over Turkey Break - but we will need to work diligently tomorrow!

I am THANKFUL for such amazing, creative, funny, smart students!

Mrs. Setten


November 21, 2013

Today:  Students had a chance to research a topic that relates to light and color today.  They are completing a mini-project on the object explaining how it works with light and color. Students will have all day tomorrow to continue working on their projects but the rest must be completed out of class time.

Homework: LIGHT MINI-PROJECT - due Tuesday before Turkey Break!

Mrs. Setten


November 20, 2013

Today: Students took Light Test #1.

Any student that did not complete the exam will need to stay after school with me to finish.

Mrs. Setten


November 19, 2013

Today: Students played Garbage Can Basketball to review for the test! The winning group gets extra credit on their exam!

Homework: STUDY!!!!


Mrs. Setten


November 18, 2013

Today: Students completed knowledge stations to prepare for the Light Unit Assessment.

Homework: Finish the study guides if you are not finished.  You will get full points if showed to me by Wednesday

LIGHT UNIT TEST - Wednesday 11/20

Mrs. Setten


November 15, 2013

Today: Students completed a short quiz on Anatomy of the Eye.  Then students had a chance to use their vocabulary lists to study for the test.  There is a vocab diagram activity and a light study guide.  These should be completed for class on Monday.


Light Study Guide - due Monday


Vocab Diagrams - due Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Setten


November 14, 2013

Today: Students completed a Think-Pair-Share activity on a Flow Chart that mapped the big ideas from our light labs thus far. Then students took a 5 question check in.  If they achieved a score of 3 or better they continued to work on their vocabulary and study skills.  If they achieved a score of 2 or less, they received a little extra help in the front with me.

Homework: Vocab Diagrams - due Monday
SOTQ is due in Language Arts TOMORROW!

Mrs. Setten


November 13, 2013

Today: Students completed a virtual cow and human eye dissection to reinforce the anatomy of the eye and its functions. Students will have a quiz on Friday about the anatomy of the eye.

Homework: Finish Yellow Study guide  (VOCAB and EYE DIAGRAM)

Light Test #1 will be on THURSDAY. Study up!

Mrs. Setten


November 12, 2013

Today: I am at a meeting all day.  Students had Mr. Peterson in for the guest teacher.  They worked on filling out an Eye Diagram by labeling each part and explaining its function. Then students began to write down their vocabulary for the light unit today.

Homework: Turn in any late work - (P5/6)

Mrs. Setten


November 11, 2013

Today: Students complete a warm up about waves.  Then they took notes on the three conclusions from Lab P5/6.  Finally students took a 14 pt quiz on the P5/6 main ideas.

Homework: None

*Many students did not turn in their P5/6 Lab report and summary questions.  I feel that it is unacceptable as students were given 25 minutes IN CLASS on Friday to work on this assignment. I strongly urge students to work to improve their organization skills before getting to the high school!

Mrs. Setten


NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Today: Students completed the summary questions for Labs 5 and 6.  They are due on Monday.

Homework: P5/6 Summary Qs, BRING INFO on your scientist for Language Arts - Monday

*There will be a P5/6 Quiz Monday.
* Tentative date for the Light #1 Test is Wednesday, 11/20! - Start studying now!


November 7, 2013

Darn you Mother Nature!  Students were able to complete the pre-lab for P5: Sunlight and the Spectrum, but Mr. Sun did not shine.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get some data and draw conclusions on P5 and P6.

Homework: Research your STOQ!  Have 2 resources and information ready for Language Arts on Monday!

Mrs. Setten


November 6, 2013

Today: Students completed Lab P6: Transmission, Absorption and Reflection of Light.  They viewed transmitted light through colored filters and plants in a spectroscope to see the spectrum of colors for the transmitted light.  They also watched a Brain POP about the Electromagnetic Spectrum.  Then we discussed ways that we experience forms of radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum.

Homework: Begin research on the scientist quarter 2

Mrs. Setteb


November 4, 2013

Today: Students finished their light study guides to gather background information regarding the visible light spectrum.  Then the class "dissected" a wave and talked about the visible spectrum and where it is located on the electromagnetic energy spectrum.

Homework:  Choose your next scientist of the quarter and begin research.  You will work with LA teacher to outline and produce your paper this quarter.  The list of Quarter 2 scientists is on my school webpage.  Here is the link to the MS wepage.... go to Departments, Mehgan Setten:


Have a happy day!

Mrs. Setten
QUARTER 2 SCIENTISTS ARE NOW LISTED ON MY SCHOOL WEBPAGE! Click on "Scientist of the Quarter" link on the left hand side for the list of names!


October 29, 2013

Today: Students drew conclusions about how colors of light interact with one another as well as filters.  Students completed the P4 Summary questions.

Hmk: P4 Summary Questions and data - due tomorrow

CHECK POWERSCHOOL!  Grades are updated.  If you are missing an assignment you still have two days to get it in for partial credit!

Go Orioles!

Mrs. Setten


October 28, 2013

Today: Students ventured into the cold to collect data for P4: Light and Color.

* I have posted rubrics for the SOTQ and Current Event on my school webpage.  There is a link on the left hand side labeled RUBRICS.  Click there to view these and any future rubrics.

Homework: Check power school!

END OF Q1 is THURSDAY! (Only 3 more until High School!)

Mrs. Setten


October 24, 2013

Today: Students warmed up their brains by discussing how plants make their own food.  Then students wrote notes about Light in their science notebooks.  Lastly, students began to work on a mini-project about reflection, absorption and transmission of light on different types of objects.


Mrs. Setten


October 23, 2013

Today: Students finished collecting P3 data and summary questions.  Then they viewed a music video about Transparent, Translucent and Opaque materials and how they interact with light.


Mrs. Setten


October 22, 2013

Today: Students completed pre-lab and began collecting data for Lab P3: Light, Filters and Surfaces.

Homework: S.o.t.Q. and CE - DUE FRIDAY!!!! (Worth 50 assessment points!!!!)

Make today a good one,

Mrs. Setten


October 21, 2013

Today: Students will conclude lab P2 with a large group discussion. Students will then take a clicker quiz on the main ideas of Light and the Area of Illumination.  P2 is due today!

Homework: (1) S.o.t.Q. and (1) Current Events!!!!!!!!! 

THEY ARE DUE FRIDAY the 25th and are worth 50 ASSESSMENT POINTS together!

Mrs. Setten


October 14, 2013

Today: Students were allotted 15 minutes to finish the Heat Test at the beginning of class.  Then students completed a Light Pre-test to see what they already know. Lastly, students worked on the pre-lab write up for Lab P2: Light and Area of Illumination.



October 10, 2013

Today: Students played Deal or No Deal to review key concepts for the test.


Good Luck,

Mrs. Setten


October 9, 2013

Today: Students worked through several heat and final temperature problems.  During this time, students were able to receive help from me individually or in small groups.  After completing the practice problems, students finished writing vocabulary definitions to study for the test on Friday.

Homework: Heat #4 - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten


October 8, 2013

Today: Students used the chrome books to research a vocabulary word.  We use most of the vocabulary regularly during discussions and labs but some words are mentioned less than others.  Each pair of students were assigned a word.  They translated the word into Spanish, German and French, provided a definition and drew a picture.  Students then circulated and gathered information from other group's posters.

HOMEWORK: STUDY THE VOCAB WORDS FOR THE TEST!  Heat worksheet #4 - due Thursday, was given out to a few periods.  The rest of the class periods will get the assignment tomorrow.


Mrs. Setten


October 7, 2013

Today: Students reviewed the methods of heat transfer by sorting scenarios and objects into five categories: conduction, convection, radiation, insulator and conductor.  Then students drew illustrations of the scenarios/objects under the appropriate category on a piece of poster paper.


*The Unit test will be Friday!

Reminder... Current Event and Scientist reports are due October 24th and 25th!

Mrs. Setten


October 4, 2013

Today: students completed three mini lab activities about the three modes of heat transfer- conduction, convection and radiation. This included making s'mores!

Homework: heat worksheet 3a or 3b. And the heat transfer  Mini lab questions.


October 3, 2013

Today: We began class with a short discussion on the Law of Conservation of Energy.  Then students completed a jigsaw activity about heat transfer.  Each student became a professional on either conduction, convection or radiation.  They then grouped with other students and taught each other about their respective mode of heat transfer.


*Heat and Energy Unit Test - next Thursday and Friday

Mrs. Setten


October 2, 2013

Today: Students finished Lab P38 and worked on the graph and summary.  The lab is due tomorrow.

P38 Questions

1. Graph your calorie loss of hot water (x-axis) vs calorie gain of cold water (y-axis).  Each trial gives you the coordinate pairs (Hot Loss, Cold Gain) Then draw a BEST FIT LINE to show the average of your data.

   a. What are the relationships, if any, between the heat gained by cold water and the heat lost by the hot water.
  b. What is your hypotheisis to explain the heat exchange between hot and cold water?

2. Compare your predictions with the data on heat ganied and heat lost when cold water and hot water are mixed.

a. were your predictions accurate?
b. How might you predict the temperature of mixtures of hot and cold water?

3. If your investigation had been done under IDEAL conditions, not instrument errors or human errors would have affected the measurements of heat gained or lost by each sample.

a. Under ideal conditions, what temperature of water would you predict for a mixture of 50g of water @ 80 degrees mixed with 20g of water @ 25 degrees?

BONUS: From that answer can you predict the calories lost by the hot water?  Gained by the cold?

b. What is your hypothesis to explain the heat exchange between hot and cold water mixed in a calorimeter?


September 30, 2013

Today: Students warmed up their science brains with three Heat Formula problems using materials OTHER than water.  Then we completed Pre-Lab for P38.

Homework: None

* FYI: The Heat Unit test will likely be next Thursday and Friday!

Scientist of the Quarter Report - due October 25th
Current Event - due October 24th

Mrs. Setten


September 26, 2013

Today: Students completed a mini-quiz - Heat #2. Next, students finished gathering the data for Lab P37: The Calorie.  Then they spent time analyzing data, calculating the heat loss and gain, & graphing.  Directions for the graph are below.

Homework: P37 Data, Graphing, Summary Qs - due Monday!


1. Draw 4 quadrants on your graph paper.
2. Label the x-axis "Temperature *C" - you should start at 0* from the ORIGIN and use a scale up to about 60*C.
3. Label the y-axis "Heat Change (Calories)".  Above the ORIGIN is the heat gain data, Below is the heat loss data.
4. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Loss of the HOT WATER in RED.
5. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Gain of the COLD WATER in BLUE

Have a terrific night!

Mrs. Setten


September 25, 2013

Today: At the beginning of class students voted for the class rules.  These will be upheld for the remainder of the year. #ownyoureducation. Students began collecting data for lab P37: The Calorie. The last ten minutes they were given time to begin their homework - Heat Wkst 2A or 2B.

Homework: Heat 2A or 2B - due tomorrow

Heat Quiz #2 will be tomorrow!

Mrs. Setten


September 24, 2013

Today: Students completed a Heat Formula Quiz on the clickers.  All students can re-take clicker quizzes if a better score is desired.  Students that achieved scores of 2 or less MUST sign up for a retake during ZERO hour (before school) or NINTH hour (after school).

Next students began the introduction for Lab P37: "The Calorie".  As an exit card - students wrote two rules that they feel we should honor in order to take ownership and have success in science this year.  The top five rules written down during class will be voted via clicker poll.  The 2 that receive the most votes will become part of our classroom contract.

Homework: CHECK POWER SCHOOL! Start a S.O.T.Q or Current Event!

Have a super day,

Mrs. Setten


September 23, 2013

Today: Students drew conclusions from Lab P36.  The graph and summary is due tomorrow.  Then students practiced using the heat and temperature formulas.  This has been a difficult skill for many students but takes time to learn how to find the variables for each equation!

Homework: Heat Wkst 1A or 1B - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten

September 23, 2013

Summary Questions for P36 - Due tomorrow
1. What is the unit for heat measurement?
2. How much heat is gained or lost by 50 mL of water cooling from 50 *C to 30 *C
3. How much heat is gained or lost by 50 mL of water at 75*C cooling to 30 *C?
4. What is the relationship between heat and temperature?


SUNDAY 9.21.2013

Happy Fall!

I have finished critiquing 2,  4, and 5th period Steve Jobs reports and will finish the other two classes by tomorrow night.  Remember this was a practice essay in which you get participation points and feedback from me. 

REMINDER! You still need to write another scientist report for quarter 1!

Quarter 1 Scientists:
Rachel Carson
Garret Augustus Morgan
Rebecca Cole
Thomas Alva Edison
George Washington Carver
Shirley Ann Jackson

See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Setten


September 20, 2013

Today: Students finished collecting data for Lab P36.  They then began analyzing data to calculate the heat lost or gained as the water cooled down and put that data in a temperature vs heat loss graph.

Homework: Finish Data Graph - Monday

Happy Homecoming!

Mrs. Setten


September 18, 2013

Today: Pink temperature problems were due today! Students viewed Bill Nye "Heat."  While the video was on, students that need extra support with predicting temperature were pulled by Mrs. Setten.  Students completed a 10 question worksheet while watching Bill Nye. 

Homework: None!

Mrs. Setten


September 17, 2013

Today: Students practiced final temperature calculations.  Students that needed extra support worked with me in the front of the class, while students that were proficient worked individually in the back lab stations.  At the end of class, an exit slip was distributed with final temperature questions.  This will be used as a formative assessment to see who needs reteaching.  Some students finished the calculations early and were able to use prior knowledge from the Geology unit and make connections to the heat unit through an extension activity.

Homework: Predicting Temperature #2 - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten


September 16th, 2013

Today: Students finished Lab P34 and developed formulas for predicting temperature. 

Homework: P34 summary questions - due Tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


September 13, 2013

Today: Students began Lab P34: "Predicting Temperature".  In this lab, students are searching for a formula to predict the temperature of a solution that has been created from two different temperature liquids.  Sometimes the volumes of the liquids are the same, sometimes they differ. 

Homework: Steve Jobs - DUE TODAY by 11:59 p.m.

*The grade book was updated yesterday.  Make sure you check powerschool.  Again, late work will be deducted by 40% automatically. 

Mrs. Setten


September 12, 2013

Today: Students completed a temperature vs. heat activity.  Then they took a 5 point heat vs. temperature "check-in" with their clickers.  Finally, students began to complete their Pre-Lab for P34 "Predicting Temperature."  The lab is tomorrow.

Homework: Practice Scientist of the Quarter: Steve Jobs - DUE TOMORROW (Friday 9/13)

*Preferred submission via Google Docs!  Last submission will be accepted at 11:59 p.m tomorrow, Friday.

Mrs. Setten


September 11, 2013

Today: Student's pink syllabus were due today - signed by a parent/guardian! Students completed Lab P13 "Balloons in Water."  They have 4 summary questions to answer regarding this lab.  Then students took notes on Temperature and Heat.  

P13 Summary Questions - due tomorrow
S.O.T.Q Practice: Steve Jobs - due Friday (via Google Docs)

Quarter 1 Scientists:
Rachel Carson
Garret Augustus Morgan
Rebecca Cole
Thomas Alva Edison
George Washington Carver
Shirley Ann Jackson

Mrs. Setten


September 10, 2013

Today: Students completed the pre-lab for P13 - which is the introductory lab of our heat unit.   We also learned of another project called "Current Events in Science" - which is a 2 paragraph write up due once per quarter.  Students signed a lab contract at the end of the class period. 

Practice S.O.T.Q. Report (Steve Jobs) - due Friday

Mrs. Setten


September 5, 2013

In Class:  Students brainstormed what they think our lab should "LOOK", "SOUND", and "FEEL" like.  Students reviewed Lab Safety.  Then they played garbage can basketball to further test knowledge on lab safety expectations.  

Homework: Study for the LAB SAFETY QUIZ! - Friday (tomorrow)  

* Students must receive a score of 80% to participate in the lab!

Mrs. Setten


September 4, 2013

In class:  Students set up their Science notebooks which will be used for Lab write ups and various other important notes.  The notebooks will be kept in the classroom unless the student chooses to bring it home.  These notebooks are used almost every day! 

Homework: None

Coming Soon: Lab Safety Review & Science Syllabus for 2013-2014 School Year!

Go Orioles!

Mrs. Setten


September 3, 2013


I am beyond excited to get this school year underway! This week we will focus on reviewing class expectations, lab safety and rules/procedures for science class.  

In Class: Scientist Partners

Homework: Bring a composition notebook tomorrow! - due tomorrow (Wednesday)

Go Orioles!

Mrs. Setten


June 7, 2013

Today: Students started the final exam.  This exam contains questions relating to the vocabulary and unit concepts we have studied over the course of the school year.

Phases of Matter

Students will have to the end of class Monday to complete as much of the exam as possible.  

It seems surreal to me, that the school year is almost over.  I have enjoyed my first full year and a big part of that is due to the amazing students that I get to work with each and every day! So thank you.

1 day left. We can do it!

Mrs. Setten


June 5, 2013

Today: Students reviewed vocabulary from throughout the school year.  Then the class played a game "SWAT!" to study vocabulary for the final exam.  The final exam will take place on Friday and Monday.  Please review any notes from the school year.  You may take home your science notebook.

Homework: Weather Log - due Friday!


Mrs. Setten


June 4, 2013

Today: Students took a survey to help me plan for next year. Then they researched a type of severe weather. 

Homework:  Weather Log - Due Friday



Thank you!

Mrs. Setten


June 3, 2013


Today: Students measured wind speed on the school grounds using an anemometer.  

Homework: Weather Log - due Friday

* Friday is the last day to turn in missing work and make up missed tests and quizzes!

Have a great last week!

Mrs. Setten


May 31, 2013

Today: Students took a short open-note quiz on Earth's atmosphere and clouds.  After the quiz they noted a few vital weather instruments and their uses.  The class then went down to the courtyard to view an anemometer (measures wind speed) and set out a home made rain gauge.  On Monday we will check the rain gauge to see what mother nature brought over the weekend! 

Homework: Weather Log - due next Friday

Congratulations to all TALENT SHOW participants on their FANTASTIC performances.  I was blown away by the talent this year! 

Reminder: 7th grade year book party is next THURSDAY.  All books must be turned in to LA teachers.  Students that are missing books are not able to join us for the fun. :)

Have a happy weekend!

Mrs. Setten


May 29, 2013

Today: Students will complete a partner pretest about weather.  Students will also work together to complete a jigsaw activity about the layers of the atmosphere.  They also turned in the homework - graphing and questions from "Battle of the Beaks" activity.

Homework: 5 day Weather Log - due next Friday 6/7

Continue to check power school updates and turn in missing work from quarter 4!

Mrs. Setten


May 28, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  10 more days until summer break!

Today: Students will reflect on the adaptation of living things for survival in connection with the theory of evolution. This will be done in the format of a contest called, "Battle of the Beaks."

Homework: Students should finish the bar graphs with class data on the different beak performances for each type of food. They should also answer the conclusion questions.  THIS IS DUE TOMORROW 5/29

Today is the LAST day to turn in scientist reports for Tetsuya Fujita. We are finished with reports for the school year.  I hope that many students learned a few new facts about our topics and the scientists that were involved in molding how we now view the world!

* Check power school for any missing work.  

Mrs. Setten


May 20, 2013

SOTW: Tetsuya Fujita - due next Tuesday

* This marks our LAST assigned scientist of the school year!  Make sure you have completed two for the 4th quarter.  

Block schedule continues this week.  Please read prior post to see what we are doing during each meeting (1-4)

Have a HAPPY week!

14 days..... until summer,

Mrs. Setten


BLOCK SCHEDULE May 14-23, 2013

Sorry for the delay folks!

With block schedule going on, many classes are on different lessons.  I decided to post what we will accomplish for each Block Meeting.  (**Any notes taken during block can be used on the summative assessment for Geologic Time.  If you miss a class - you need to get the notes from a classmate.)

A few reminders:

1. Scientist Reports are DUE next Monday.  J. Tuzo Wilson is the current scientist.  After him there is only ONE more for the year!  These are valuable points, and easy grade boosters.  Get two finished!

2. Check Power School.  It is YOUR responsibility to get any missing work or quizzes completed by the end of the school year.

3. Homework will not be assigned during block periods so focus on #1 and #2 above!

Fossils Jigsaw - Students completed a Jigsaw activity to discover information about types of Fossils and how they are useful in determining the changes on Earth over time.

Geologic Time: Precambrian Era - Students completed a Card Sort; ordering key events from the era in chronological order before filling out a table with information about the life, physical, and climate changes that occurred during the Precambrian era. 

Walking with Dinosaurs

Precambrian review

Carbon Dating - Students viewed a short Brain Pop on the process of Carbon Dating.  Then they practiced calculating the half-life totals of carbon atoms in a fossil.

Paleozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Mesozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Review Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras

Cenozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Practice Question: Students will complete a practice question similar to the format of the summative assessment.  This will be in an essay format.  Solid writing and grammar will be considered in the grading. 

Outdoor Activity - Weather Permitting

Geologic Time Summative Assessment

Walking with Dinosaurs OR Land Before Time


May 13, 2013

Today: Students mapped the coordinates of the world's earthquakes and volcanoes to determine relationships and patterns.  Students also read about an active volcano in Mexico and discussed the affects of its eruption on our environment. 

Homework:  Mapping Activity - due Block #1

S.O.T.W: J. Tuzo Wilson - due 5/20 

** This is the 2nd to last scientist of the YEAR! Make sure you get them in!

Have a super Monday!

Mrs. Setten


May 7, 2013

Today: Students will reflect on the information about tectonic plates and make applications to real life situations.  Students will continue to work on their world map of tectonic plates.  Students will label the earth's layers diagram for a project tomorrow.

Homework:  Color the Earth's Layers diagram - due tomorrow 5/8

SOTW: Alfred Wegener - due Monday 5/13

Have a wonderful, sunny Tuesday!

Mrs. Setten


May 6, 2013

Today: Students gained knowledge about tectonic plates, scientific theories, layers of the Earth, plate movements and effects of plate movement. 

Homework: none

Scientist of the Week: Alfred Wegener - due Monday 5/13 (only 3 left)


Mrs. Setten


April 30, 2013

Today: We had a great field trip at the Park Theater in downtown St. Paul.  The students were well-behaved and the play was fantastic!

Tomorrow: (WEDNESDAY, MAY 1) Students will take the Rock Test.  Do not forget to study!  

SOTW: Robert Hooke - due Monday 5/6

** Grades are updated in power school.  Please make sure you turn in any missing work or make arrangements with me to make them up! :) 

Study Hard Tonight! 

Mrs. Setten


April 25, 2013

Today: Students are reviewing the three types of rocks by completing a "Tree Map" activity with a word list containing important vocabulary.  They will first try to categorize the words individually, next pair up with a partner and compare, and finally we will discuss as a while group.

Homework: Finish Tree Map - due tomorrow, Practice Test (optional)

SOTW: Evangelista Torricelli - due tomorrow 4/26


Happy Thursday!

Mrs. Setten


April 23, 2013

Today: Students finished their yellow metamorphic packets.  Then they took a quiz on Metamorphic Rocks.

Homework: Yellow Packet - due tomorrow 4/24

SOTW: Evangelista Toricelli - due Fri 4/26

Mrs. Setten


April 22, 2013

Today: Students will complete a metamorphic rock lab and activity packet.  

Tomorrow: METAMORPHIC rock quiz! STUDY your notes.

SOTW: Evangelista Torricelli - due Friday

ROCK TEST will be NEXT Wednesday - 5/1

Mrs. Setten


April 18, 2013

Today: Students reviewed sedimentary rocks and took a quiz.  Then students highlighted information on Metamorphic rocks. 

SOTW: Charles Richter - due TOMORROW

Homework:  White Review Packet - due TOMORROW

Have a TERRIFIC night!

Mrs. Setten


April 17, 2013

Today: Students finished up the Sedimentary Rock Lab.  Then they worked on review questions about igneous and sedimentary rocks.

Homework: Igneous and Sedimentary Review Packet - due Friday


SOTW: Charles Richter - 4/19

Have a nice day!

Mrs. Setten


April 16, 2013

MCA's Today - Math Test for 7th graders! Hoping they all got enough sleep!

Today:  Students are in the computer lab, sharing their ABC Geo projects with classmates.  They, in turn, are giving feed back to their classmates about ways they could improve the project as well as areas that students did well on.

Homework: Sedimentary Rock Packet (Green) #'s 1-6 - due Thursday 4/18

SOTW: Charles Richter - due 4/19

*This week's scientist is a good one to write a report on - LOTS of information!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Mrs. Setten


April 12, 2013

Today: Students completed a sedimentary rock I.D. lab with a partner of their choice.  The GEO PROJECTS are due today, no later than 11:59.59 pm.  

Homework: Questions 1-6 on page 2 of the Green Sedimentary Rock packet. Students should also work on a Scientist of the Week Report.

S.o.t.W:  Charles Richter - due 4/19

Have a happy weekend!
Mrs. Setten


April 10, 2013

Today: Students took a quiz on the rock cycle and igneous rocks.  Then they began to take notes on Sedimentary rocks.  Today the students were the teachers, each having information to share about an aspect of sedimentary rocks. 

Homework: GEO book - due 4/12 Fri

Scientist: Norman L. Bowen - 4/12

Have a happy day!

Mrs. Setten


April 8, 2013

Today: Igneous rock intro

Homework: GEO projects - due 4/12

S.o.t.W: Norman L. Bowen - due 4/12

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


April 5, 2013

Today: Students completed a rock cycle simulation using a crayon as a model.  

Homework: GEO PROJECT! - due Fri 4/12

Norman L. Bowen - Friday 4/12
Friedrich Mohs - Monday 4/8

*Make sure you are consistently making progress on your projects!  They are worth 110 points and each slide needs all components for full points. 

Have a safe, relaxing weekend!

Mrs. Setten :)


April 4, 2013

Today: Students listened to a story about Herby Stone, a rock going through different processes in the rock cycle.  Then they highlighted important terms. After a short discussion, students worked in pairs to complete a diagram of the rock cycle and answer questions.  

Homework: Geo Project - due next Friday 4/12

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


April 3, 2013

Today: Students spent a final day in the computer lab.  The rest of the GEO project must be completed on student's own time during study hall, after school or at home. 

Homework: Geo Projects - due Friday 4/3

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs. Setten


April 2, 2013

Today: Students continued to work on their ABC Geology projects.  They are due next FRIDAY (4/12).  Reminder that they can be accessed on Google Docs from home.

I will be available after school today in Lab D for those students that need to stay and work on the project!

Scientist of the Week:  Friedrich Mohs - Friday 4/5

Have a happy day!

Mrs. Setten


April 1, 2013

Welcome Back!  We are now in our 4th and final quarter of 7th grade - let's make it the best one yet!

Today: Students worked in the computer lab to begin their ABC of Geology projects.  These will be done on google docs and can be accessed from home.  They will be due Friday April 12th!  We will work on them in class Tuesday and Thursday... anything else must be completed from study hall, after school or at home.

Homework: Geology ABC - due 4/12

Scientist of the Week: Friedrich Mohs - due this Friday 4/5

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Setten


March 21, 2013

Today: Students took an open note quiz on minerals to wrap up before spring break.  Their Mighty Mineral projects were also due. 

Enjoy your break! :)

Mrs. Setten


March 18, 2013

Happy Monday and late start! 

The end of the third quarter is this THURSDAY! (That means you are 3/4 of the way to 8th grade!) My hope is that we continue to work on organization and prioritizing skills so that come 8th grade, we are prepared and ready to learn!

Today: We completed pre-lab for the Unknown Mineral Identification Lab. I have posted the procedure below.  Students are expected to have the procedure written down prior to the lab on Wednesday.

1.Select an unknown mineral for testing.
2.Look at the mineral’s color. Record on the data table.
3.Use the streak plate to rub mineral and create a powder.  Record the color of the powder.
4.Examine the luster. Record on the data table.
5.Test the unknown mineral for hardness. Record hardness on the data table.
6.Find the density of the mineral. Record on data table.
7.Examine the mineral to determine if it has cleavage.
8.Use a magnet to test for magnetic qualities.  Record results on the data table.
9.Put one drop of diluted hydrochloric acid on the mineral and observe.  Record any observations on the data table.
10.Identify the mineral by reading the dichotomous key and the data collected on the table.
11.Repeat steps 1-10 for unknown mineral #2.

***Tuesday after school will be a test/quiz/lab make up day for quarter 3.

Three more days until Spring Break.....Let's make them productive!

Mrs. Setten


March 15, 2013

Today: Students worked with their partner to identify 10 of 14 minerals.  They completed many property tests that real life geologists use when identifying minerals in the field. 

TODAY is the last day to turn in scientist reports for the quarter.  The reports can be submitted via homework dropbox, google docs (must share with me!), or e-mail.  As I explained to students, there will be NO extensions for these reports as this is an ongoing project and they have had 8 scientists to choose from this quarter!

Homework: NONE

Make Up Testing: I will be available TUESDAY after school for any students that would like to retake clicker quizzes or the vocab section of their matter unit tests.  This will be the last day students can come to make them up!  To stay after, I ask that your child lets me know so I can be prepared with their test ready to go!

Happy Friday!

Mrs. Setten


March 14, 2013

Today: First students took a short quiz on the properties of minerals.  Then students began the Mineral Identification Lab. 

Homework: Arthur Holmes REPORTS!

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - due tomorrow


 5 days until SPRING BREAK!

Mrs. Setten


March 12 (Summary Questions)

Summary Questions for TOMORROW (Wednesday)

1. What characteristics must a substance have to be considered a mineral? (there are 5)
2. Describe how you can test a mineral to determine its hardness, density, and streak?
3. What us the major difference between an element and compound?
4. According to the definition of a mineral, can water be classified as a mineral? Explain why or why not.
5. Explain why you cant rely on any single test or property when you are trying to identify a mineral.

March 12, 2013

YESTERDAY we began the GEOLOGY unit!  I am excited to explore the earth's minerals and rocks, plate tectonics,  natural disasters, and so much more! 

Today: Students read about the properties used to identify minerals in the red earth science book.  They filled in a graphic organizer with descriptions of the property tests and answered summary questions 1-5 on page 54.

Homework: Summary Questions 1-5, Page 54 - due tomorrow

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - 3/15

Last week for scientist reports! 

Hope you have a great day!

Mrs. Setten


March 8, 2013

Today: Students are witnessing the phase change of freezing by making their own ice cream! It is the last day of the Matter Unit - so all assignments from the unit were due.  

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - due 3/15

** HOLMES is the LAST scientist  of the quarter! Remember to get your reports in as they are worth 15 assessment points each! :)

Homework: NONE - we had a hard testing week, so make sure you enjoy your weekend!

"Your Matter Matters!"

Mrs. Setten


March 7, 2013

Today: Students completed the Matter Unit Assessment. They also turned in their phases of matter study guide and any missing work.

* Tomorrow is the LAST day to turn in work from the Matter Unit! 

Tomorrow: ICE CREAM LAB (Students that turned in their vocab books on time will make homemade ice cream)

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Tomorrow.

Hoping to see some parents at conferences tonight!

Mrs. Setten


March 6, 2013

Today: Students started their Matter Unit Assessments. 

Homework: SCIENTIST REPORTS!!! (2nd to last week), Turn in any late work from the unit, and complete the Phases of Matter Study Guide if you have not yet done so.

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Friday 3/8

Ice Cream Lab will be on Friday. 

Looking for some donations for upcoming labs:
1. Quart sized plastic bags that close
2. Dixie Cups
3. Plastic Spoons

Mrs. Setten


March 5, 2013

Today: Garbage Can Basketball Review for the test! Yesterday, students also completed review stations to practice skills that will be needed for a successful unit test.

TOMORROW (Wednesday) is the Matter Unit Test! 

Homework: Phase Change Study Guide - due Thursday

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Friday 3/8

*** 2nd to last scientist of the quarter. You need to complete two reports per quarter!

Mrs. Setten


March 1, 2013

Today: Students took a quiz on Lab 22.  Then they worked on completing their formal lab reports.  We are really focusing on completing lab reports thoroughly and checking to make sure all components are there before turning in. 

Homework: P22 Lab Report - due Tuesday


Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due 3/8

Mrs. Setten


February 26, 2013

Today: Students completed pre-lab for P22: Identifying an Unknown Solution.  They will complete this lab tomorrow and Thursday. 

Homework:  Phase Change Vocab Book - due FRIDAY 3/1

Scientist of the Week: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin - due Friday

Mrs. Setten


February 25, 2013

Today: Students made their phase change vocabulary books and received a rubric about how to complete it.  Then students presented their vocabulary word poster via a gallery walk.  Students wrote down the definitions and viewed the examples drawn by their classmates. 

Homework: Phase Change Book - due FRIDAY 3/1
** Students will not be able to participate in the ice cream lab if the book is not turned in on time.

Scientist of the Week: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin - due Friday 3/1

Have a Happy Week!

Mrs. Setten


February 19, 2013

Today: Students completed Lab P20a: Boiling and Condensing of a Pure Substance (Ethyl Alcohol). After they completed the lab, students began to work on their summary questions and graphs.

Homework:  Complete Graph and Summary Questions for tomorrow

Scientist of the Week: John E. Hodge - due Fri 2/20

Mrs. Setten


February 15, 2013

Today: Students completed Pre-Lab for P20a "Boiling and Condensing a Pure Substance."

Homework: Lab P20b report - due Tuesday 2/19

NEW Scientist of the Week: John E. Hodge - due 2/22

Enjoy your MONDAY President's Day!

Mrs. Setten


February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Today: Students took a quiz on melting and freezing point - the main concepts of Lab P20b. Then they worked on their summary questions.

Homework: P20b Summary Questions and Graphs are due TUESDAY 2/18

Scientist of the Week: Satyendra Nath Bose - Due TOMORROW

Mrs. Setten