September 26, 2013

Today: Students completed a mini-quiz - Heat #2. Next, students finished gathering the data for Lab P37: The Calorie.  Then they spent time analyzing data, calculating the heat loss and gain, & graphing.  Directions for the graph are below.

Homework: P37 Data, Graphing, Summary Qs - due Monday!


1. Draw 4 quadrants on your graph paper.
2. Label the x-axis "Temperature *C" - you should start at 0* from the ORIGIN and use a scale up to about 60*C.
3. Label the y-axis "Heat Change (Calories)".  Above the ORIGIN is the heat gain data, Below is the heat loss data.
4. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Loss of the HOT WATER in RED.
5. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Gain of the COLD WATER in BLUE

Have a terrific night!

Mrs. Setten

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