May 27, 2014

Today: Balancing equations

Homework: Finish the worksheet

*Chemistry test begins on FRIDAY!

Mrs. Setten


May 21, 2014

Today: Students finished P22 and worked on the summary questions

Homework: P22 Summary Questions - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


May 20, 2014

Today: Students began lab P22. They will continue tomorrow.

Homework: none - unless you owe me assignments!

Mrs. Setten


May 16, 2014

Today: DJ FRIDAY and WORK TIME! Students worked through P21 with small groups.  Then completed summary questions.

Homework: Summary Questions - see below

1. Hydrogen Bromide is a compound formed by hydrogen and bromine.  In a chemical reaction, .6L of hydrogen combine with .6L of bromine to form 1.2L of hydrogen bromide.

a. What is the volume ratio of hydrogen to bromide to hydrogen bromide?
b. write a word equation
c. draw a picture equation
d. what is the least number possible of atoms in a molecule of bromine?

3. Choose one of Dalton's statements from his atomic theory and explain how lab P21 is evidence that supports it.

Mrs. Setten


May 15, 2014

Today: Students shared Avogadro stories. Then we completed the pre-lab for P21 and added more Chemistry Key Words to our list.

Homework: NONE

Mrs. Setten


May 14, 2014

Today: Students reflected on the P20 summary questions. Then they took a check-in. Lastly students wrote Avogadro Stories with a list of words.

Homework: Finish P20

Mrs. Setten


May 13, 2014

P20 Summary Questions

1. How is volume ratio different than mass ratio?  Why?

2. Why do the compounds form in whole number ratios?

3. What is the name of the process for the reactions creating the gaseous compounds?

4. How do you find the total volume of reactants?  How do you find the total volume of products?

5. ESSAY RESPONSE. Pick one of Dalton’s statements and explain how this lab supports the statement.  Your answer should be atleast 5-7 sentences.


May 12, 2014

Today: Students completed lab P19 presentations.  They also took a P15-17 check in quiz.  Lastly, we read about Joseph Gay Lussac and his observations on volume ratios of gaseous compounds.  We will complete lab P20 tomorrow.

Homework: MAKE UP WORK!!!

Mrs. Setten

- 21 days left. BE on your GAME!


May 9, 2014

Today: Students finished writing their presentations about Dalton's Atomic Theory.  Then groups began presentations.  At the end of class there was a POP QUIZ on Lab P17.

Homework:  Check Powerschool!

Mrs. Setten


May 8, 2014

Today: We reviewed key concepts from lab P17.  Then students grouped together to prepare presentations about Dalton's Atomic Theory.  Each group is responsible for one of Dalton's seven statements and must use evidence from our previous labs to share whether or not  the statement is supported.

Homework: LATE WORK!


May 7, 2014

Today: Students completed lab P17.

Homework: P17 Graph and Summary Questions - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


May 6, 2014

Today: Students completed Lab P16.  We will begin P17 tomorrow.

Homework: PERIOD 4 ONLY.
- P16 Graphs
- P16 Summary Questions
- P16 Homework


Mrs. Setten


May 2, 2014

Today: Students began Lab P16.  They read the background information, set up the lab stations and massed out their flasks and tubing.

Homework: LATE WORK- ASAP!

Mrs. Setten


May 1, 2014

Today: Students brainstormed physical vs chemical changes to review.  Then students broke into two groups.  One group stayed with Mrs. Setten to review how to draw System Analysis Diagrams.  The other group worked on drawing their own examples of the analysis and synthesis of substances in the back.  Then as a whole group we discussed the main ideas from lab P15.  Students ended class with a quiz on P15.

Homework: Turn in ALL late work.  It is YOUR job to complete work ON TIME.  Now is not the time to slack! We must finish the year strong to prepare for a vigorous schedule next year at the high school.

Mrs. Setten