Today: Student's took an open note test to finish out the Astronomy Unit! 

UPCOMING:  MCA testing will be April 3rd and 4th.

Enjoy your week long break! 

See you in April! 


March 21st

Yesterday: Students went to the computer lab and completed MCA practice tests.  

Today: Students read about galaxies and spent the remainder of class preparing for their final astronomy test! Remember your note sheets!

Homework: STUDY and get your notes ready!

2 days to SPRING BREAK!


March 19

In Class: Today students worked on reading Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams.  First we went through a short power point then students worked on a practice worksheet with a partner.


March 15

In Class: 

Today students took a Sun Post Test.  Then they watched a Brain Pop on the Life Cycle of Stars and viewed a flow chart about the different routes stars take depending on their size!


Enjoy the weather - None


March 12 and 13

Last Friday, March 9th, students took their Planet, Astronomer and C.A.M.'s test!

March 12

MAKE UP MONDAY! Students took a pretest on the Sun.  Then they either finished their test, worked on missing assignments or filled out the "What I Already Know" section of their Sun Note sheet for tomorrow.

March 13

Students watched a power point about the Sun and filled out their Sun Note sheet.  Then they worked in groups on the Lesson 2.2 worksheet

Homework: Lesson 2.2 worksheet - Due Wednesday, March 14th

*** Watch the Western sky tonight and see if you can find Jupiter and Venus!  They are 3 degrees apart from each other and very recognizable!

Late work is due by this Friday!!! :) 


THURSDAY: Students reviewed for the test by playing garbage can basketball.  

FRIDAY: Students took astronomy test #2.  

Homework: NONE

Have a great weekend!


March 7

In Class: Today students took an astronomer quiz.  Then they read about Comets, Meteors and Asteroids and filled in a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting their traits. 

Homework:  Finish C.A.Ms worksheet

Coming Soon: 
Review for test - Thursday

March 6

In Class: Students learned about astronomers and filled out a graphic organizer

Homework: L 2.1



March 5

Today: Students watched a BrainPop on the Solar System and took a partner quiz. Then they finished filling out their planet packets.

Homework: Moon Journals

Coming Soon: Astronomers (Tuesday), Astronomer Quiz & Comets, Meteors, Asteroids (Wednesday), Review for Test (Thursday), TEST (Friday)


March 2

Students finished their moon tests and filled out planet information packets.

Homework: Moon Journals - Due at the end of the month

Coming Soon: 

  • Brain Pop and Partner Quiz about the Planets (Monday)
  • Planets, Astronomers and C.A.Ms test (Friday)