Hola Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your time off!

For those interested, the first SOTW for winter break is…

Sir William Crookes

Have a splendid break!

Mrs. Setten


12.15 - 12.19.14

It's Submersible Week!

This week students will use their knowledge on Buoyancy to complete an engineering design project!  I have decided to post the week's activities in one post.   This activity will be a week long experience with special appearances by high school science teachers to lend extra support to groups as they complete the task.

Monday:  Project introduction

Students will reflect on the following questions...
1. What is a submersible?
2. What do submersibles do?
3. How does an Ocean Engineer use submersibles?

Tuesday:  Prep Day

Students will...
1. Complete four Mini-Labs to gain background knowledge for the project
2. Begin the "Engineering Design" cycle
3. Work on blueprints for their submersibles

Wednesday: Build Day

Students will…
1. Begin building their submersible
2. Conduct trials on their subs
3.  Make adjustments based on the trials

Thursday:  Build Day #2

Same as Wednesday

Friday: Demo Day

Each group will demo their sub to see how many of the challenges their sub can master.

Happy Week before break!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students last day to work on the P11 lab report in class. They used chrome books to type up their formal lab reports, checked the rubric to make sure all elements were included and then worked on a scientist of the week report.

Homework: Finish P11 if you did not during class. - due Monday

SOTW: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkins

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students continued collecting data for P11.  Then they began graphing individual and class data.  Tomorrow students will begin typing their formal lab reports.

Homework:  Complete P11 graphs for tomorrow!

SOTW: Melba Roy Mouton - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students began Lab P11: Density of Liquids.  This will be an individual formal lab report worth 40 points!

Homework: Check for missing work on Power School!

SOTW:  Melba Roy Mouton

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students collected data for Lab P10 with their groups.

Homework: Missing Work!



Welcome Back!

Today: Students took Cornell style notes to review Density.  Then students completed the P10 pre-lab for tomorrow.  Lastly, students had time to work on the homework - Density Homework #1.

Homework: Density Homework #1 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Frederick McKinley Jones - due Friday 12.5

Happy Monday to All!

Mrs. Setten