February 28, 2014

Today was a hard day for many students and staff members as we deal with our feelings regarding the unfortunate incident yesterday.  My thoughts are with all of the people hurting especially the family and friends of the child.

Today: Students took an open note test on the planets, astronomers and C.A.Ms.

Homework: Lunar Calendars - due MONDAY!

Mrs. Setten


February 27, 2014

Today: Students used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Comets, Meteors and Asteroids.  Then two student volunteers facilitated a large group discussion regarding CAMs.  After a short PLANET GAME break - students were able to take some time to organize notes for the test tomorrow.


Homework: Organize your notes --- then dont forget to BRING YOUR NOTES tomorrow!!!

Mrs. Setten


February 26, 2014

Today: Students took a 10 questions clicker quiz on the astronomers with NO notes.  (Retakes are possible!)  Then they watched a Brain Pop on Comets and Asteroids.  Students began to work on collecting information about Comets, Meteoroids and Asteroids for the test Friday.

Remember, that the test on FRIDAY is OPEN NOTE.  Note taking is an important skill for higher level education classes.  Organized, neat notes will make for a successful testing day!

1. Organize notes
   - Planet Packet
   - Astronomer Information
   - C.A.M. Information
2. Lunar Calendars are due NEXT MONDAY (3/3)

Mrs. Setten


February 25, 2014

Today: Students gained knowledge about seven astronomers that significantly shaped our views of the solar system.  They then checked in on their note taking skills by completing an EXIT SLIP with questions about the astronomers studied!

FYI:  There is a test on Friday on planets, astronomers and comet/meteor/asteroids.  IT IS OPEN NOTE.  All notes taken in class can be used for the test!

Homework: Lunar Calendars - due 3/3 (next Monday!)

Mrs. Setten


February 24, 2014

Today: Students continued to collect information on the planets by reading peer brochures.  At the end of class they voted on their favorite planet.

**Lunar Calendars are due next MONDAY (3/3)  These are graded in both science and art classes.  Make a priority to turn these in on time!

Mrs. Setten


February 20, 2014

Today: Students began class by completing peer evaluations and reflection questions about the engineering and design project. Then they started to collect information on the planets by reading classmates marketing brochures.

Homework:  Write a mnemonic device to remember the order of the planets in our solar system from the sun outward.

Example: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.

I just got finished shoveling my driveway - it was like throwing bricks around! WOW!

Mrs. Setten


February 18, 2014

Today: Students worked in their engineering groups on their Lunar Design.  They will finish the project tomorrow during class.  All work should take place during class with group members present.  This is a 50 point lab grade.  Students will grade their participation as well as their group members.


Lunar Calendar - 3/3

Mrs. Setten


February 11, 2014

Today: Students performed their skits on lunar eclipses, solar eclipses and tides.  They also worked on completing a packet on eclipses and tides.

1) Eclipse Packets and Study Guides - both deadlines extended to THURSDAY 2/13
2) Planet Brochures - due tomorrow WEDNESDAY 2/12
3) Lunar Calendars - due 3/3


Make sure you are studying!

Mrs. Setten


February 10, 2014

Happy Jersey Day!

Today: Students worked in small groups to write a skit about one of the following topics: solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, tidal movement.  They will perform the skits for me tomorrow in class. Students also received a tides and eclipse packet - which will be due at the END of class tomorrow.

There are many assignments and projects to keep track of in science.  I strongly encourage use of the students agenda!

1. Eclipse/Tide Packets - due tomorrow
2. Astro Test #1 Review Packet- Due Wednesday 2/12
3. Planet Brochure - due Wednesday 2/12
4. Lunar Art Calendar - due 3/3

** We will take our first Astronomy test on seasons and the moon this THURSDAY 2/13.

Mrs. Setten


February 6, 2014

Today: Students worked on their Planet Brochures.  Mr. Holmbeck, Media Specialist, came to help set up the brochure in Google Docs.  Students will have time tomorrow to complete their brochures. Any extra time needed will be homework as brochures are due on Wednesday, February 12th.  Students should continue to observe and sketch the moon phases every night. This is an interdisciplinary project with Art and will count for both science and the February art calendar.

1. Check Powerschool for missing work.
2. Planet Brochures - due 2/12
3. Moon Phase Calendar - due 3/3

Stay Warm!

Mrs. Setten


February 4, 2014

Good Morning!

Today: Students will finish their group poster on the Moon Phases then complete the Moon Phase Lab. It will give them a visual hands on experience to make connections to why we see moon phases.

1. Complete Moon Lab summary - due tomorrow
2. Students should continue to research their planet for Thursday.
3. They should also complete the moon phase calendar by observing the moon nightly and sketching/labeling.  If it is cloudy, the internet can be used.

Mrs. Setten


February 3, 2014

Today: Students began a Planet Marketing Project in the computer lab.  Their mission is to persuade their classmates to visit their planet by creating a travel brochure.  Today, Mr. Holmbeck came and talked to students about using appropriate resources.  Students used the remaining time to collect info on the planet that they chose.

Homework: Lunar Calendar - due March 1st

Mrs. Setten