December 19, 2013

Today: Students completed pre-lab of P8 and began making observations.  Their P7 lab report was due today.

Homework: CHECK POWER SCHOOL - late work needs to get in!

2 days!

Mrs. Setten


December 17, 2013

Today: IT'S SNELL'S LAW DAY! We will work to understand the formula and use it to solve for angle of refraction.  Students then worked on their P7 summary questions by calculating the angle of refraction and then drawing in the angles of incidence, reflection and refraction on a diagram.

Homework: P7 Summary Qs (Calculations, Diagrams) -NEED PROTRACTOR AND CALCULATOR!

4 more days!

Mrs. Setten


December 12, 2013

Today: Students continued working on the pre-lab for P7.  They drew in the angles of incidence and angles of reflection for light rays at 75, 45, 25, and 0 degrees from the normal for both air and water.


Mrs. Setten


December 11, 2013

Today: Students took notes on the Law of Reflection and Snell's Law.  They also practiced using the protractor.

Homework: Protractor Packet

PLEASE CHECK POWER SCHOOL! I am missing many light projects and lab reports at this time!

Mrs. Setten


December 5, 2013

Today: Students ran the chromatography lab to separate the pigments in green spinach leaves and a variety of colors.

Homework: If you have not submitted the light mini-project or lab E4, please do so ASAP!

Check your updated grades!

Mrs. Setten