9.30.14 & 10.1.14

Students are completing their measurement assessment.  During this time they are completing two different tasks.  The first is a set of hands-on skill scenarios needed if embarking on an international travel experience - in this case to Brazil!  They are also completing a general measurement exam.

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed their station review.  Then they played garbage can basket ball to review for the test.

Homework: Study Guide - due tomorrow

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due Friday 10/3

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students watched Bill Nye: Measurement and answered review questions.  Then students created graphic organizers to communicate the names of measurements, tools used to make the measurement and proper units.

Homework: Study Guide - due Tuesday

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due next Friday


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will discuss and turn in the mass lab.  Then students will complete metric stations to begin reviewing for the measurement assessment!

Homework: Measurement Study Guide - due next Tuesday

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26 

Mrs. Setten


Today: The 2014-2015 Essential Agreements were revealed to the classes and students signed the agreement. Students took notes on how to properly use the triple beam balance. Then they completed the Mass Lab.

Homework: Triple Beam Balance Worksheet - due Friday 9/26

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - 9/26

*Measurement Assessment is next week! Please encourage your student to study!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students voted on the 2014-2015 Essential Agreements for science this year.  Then they took Cornell notes about our last type of measurement in the unit - Mass.

At the end of class, Students worked in groups and came up with steps to using a triple beam balance.  These steps should be communicated clearly so someone who has never massed an object could try it.

Homework: Check Powerschool!

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will review reading liquid volume from a graduated cylinder.  Then they will take a clicker check in.  After the check in, students will start mass and the triple beam balance!

Homework:  none

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

* The measurement assessment will begin next Monday! Please encourage your student to study for the assessment!

Happy a Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students learned about measuring liquid volume and then completed a lab to practice using beakers and graduated cylinders.

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

Enjoy the Weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed the Area and Volume lab.


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed a metric conversion check in.  Then students took Cornell Notes on Area, Solid Volume and Surface Area.


SOTW: Jane Goodall - due Friday 9/19

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students chose their quarter 1 scientist partners.  These are used for labs and partner activities during the quarter.  Then students practiced metric conversions by completing 8 stations.
Homework: Metric Conversions #5-8 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Jane Goodall - 9/19


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students watched a Brain Pop about how to convert metric units.  Then they practiced metric conversions using a white board and marker.  At the end of class, students had time to work on their homework assignment (listed below).

Homework: Metric Conversions #1-4 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Jane Goodall - due Friday 9/19

Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten


September 11, 2014

Today: Students will take a Metric vs. English Measurement Quiz on the clickers.  Then they will complete the Length Lab to become accurate at recording measurements of length, width and height.

Homework: Home Measurements - due Monday

SOTW: Einstein - due TOMORROW 9/12


September 10, 2014

Today: Students finished writing notes on a venn diagram about Metric and English measurement systems.  Then they listened to the meter, liter, gram song and were introduced to our first metric measurement - length and the meter.

Homework: Please turn in any missing work ASAP (class contract, science A to Z)

SOTW: Einstein - due Friday 9/12

Happy Hump Day!

Mrs. Setten


September 8, 2014

Today: Science classes met in the LMC for a rules presentation by 7th grade Dean, Randy Zutz.  They highlighted important rules in their student planners and had an opportunity to ask questions.

1. Turn in Class Contract - ASAP
2.  Scientist of the Week - Albert Einstein - due Friday

Have a Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten


September 5, 2014

Happiest of Fridays to you my friends!

We have made it through our first week together and I can already tell that we are in for a FABULOUS year!  This blog is a very helpful resource for keeping up to date with our classroom work as well as any homework assignments.  I update this blog DAILY during my 2nd period prep time.

A Few Reminders:

1. Bring your assignment notebook to science class on Monday.  Our 7th Grade Dean, Mr. Zutz will be presenting to us about SCHOOL RULES!

2. CLASS CONTRACTS are due Monday - make sure you read through the contract with your parent/guardian and have them sign.

If you LOST your class contract (we will work on that) - I have attached a copy below.

Copy of Class Contract

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Setten