Learning Target:   I will use inquiry to determine a formula for predicting the final temperature of a mixture of water with different starting temperatures.

Today: Students finished collecting data for lab P34: Predicting Temperature.  Then they worked on a formula for predicting temperature. 

Homework: P34 Summary Questions if not finished!

Mrs. Setten



Learning Target: I will use inquiry to determine a formula for predicting the temperature when mixing water of different temperatures and quantity.

Today: Students finished the P34: Predicting Temperature pre-lab and then spent the remainder of class collecting data from 4-5 trials.  

Homework: Enjoy the Weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Happy RTI Thursday!

Learning TargetI will use inquiry to determine a formula for predicting the final temperature when mixing water of different temperatures and quantities.

Today: Students reviewed Heat and Temperature and then watched a BrainPOP on heat (available on Schoology in the heat unit folder).  Then they took a Heat vs Temperature check in (schoology).  Lastly, students completed the pre-lab for P34: Predicting Temperature.


Mrs. Setten



Learning Target:   I will reflect on how temperature and heat are different.

Today: Students partner read about temperature and heat and took notes.  Then we discussed the concepts as a whole class.

Homework: SIGNED SYLLABUS and SAFETY CONTRACTS need to be turned in!  Extra copies available on my schoology website.

Mrs. Setten



Learning Target I will think about the relationship between buoyancy and temperature of balloons in water.

Today: Students discussed what they remembered about buoyancy from 7th grade.  Then completed Lab P13: Balloon and Water systems.  Tomorrow students will draw conclusions.


Mrs. Setten



Learning Target: I will inquire about how effectively heat transfers through different materials.

Today: Students wrapped up insulators and conductors with a large group discussion, then a check in on schoology.  At the end of class we reviewed the class syllabus.

Homework:  Read and Sign the Science Syllabus with a parent

Enjoy the Weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students discussed results from Save the Penguins: Lab 1.   Then they completed Lab 2.

Learning Target:  I will inquire about "What keeps things hot?"

Homework: Finish Conclusion Questions if time

Mrs. Setten



1. Students were introduced to the first unit of the year "Save the Penguins!"
2. Lab Roles were explained to students - see schoology for document on Lab Roles.
3. Finally, students completed Save the Penguins: Lab 1.

The learning target for the lab is ...

Students will INQUIRE about "What keeps things cold?"

Homework: SAFETY CONTRACT - due tomorrow!

*Students must turn in the signed safety contract to participate in labs beginning tomorrow!  See schoology for a printable copy!

Mrs. Setten



Today:  Mr. Zutz went through the agenda and highlighted rules during the first 20 minutes of class!  Then students completed their lab safety quizzes and wrote about their ice cream story.  This was an activity to lead into our first unit "Save the Penguins" which focuses on Heat energy!

Homework:  Read and sign the lab safety contract with a parent/guardian - due Wednesday

* There are extra copies of the contract on schoology!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students presented their lab safety skits to the class and special guest, Randy Zutz - 8th grade dean.  Then students completed the lab safety quiz on schoology.  If a score of 13 or lower was achieved (out of 17) an INC will be in the gradebook.   Your student must study and retake the quiz before being allowed in the back for labs.

A safety contract will be sent home Monday.  If you want to print a copy of the contract from the schoology page, feel free to read through this weekend and sign.

It was a great first week back!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students finished their design challenge.  Then they worked on Lab safety skits that they will perform tomorrow for a special guest!

*I will send home the Lab Safety Contract TOMORROW (Friday).  It will be due by Tuesday which is our first lab!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Group Work Norms were introduced to students.  These are six expectations for successful lab experiences this year!  Students focused on norm #5 and worked in groups for a design challenge!  Each group got 10 marshmallows and 20 spaghetti noodles. The goal is to build the tallest tower possible!  Tomorrow they will get a chance to improve their structure.

Group Work Norms:
1. Everyone has something to LEARN
2. Everyone has something to OFFER
3. Be willing to experience DISCOMFORT
4. It is your RIGHT to ask for help, and your DUTY to assist
5. Everybody Helps
6. Help others do things for THEMSELVES!

We will have a great year if all students can embody these norms!

It was a great 2nd day! 

Mrs. Setten



Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

I am very excited to share your final year of middle school with you - preparing for high school next year!  This blog can be checked daily to keep up with what we are doing in science class!  When available, copies of assignments can be found on my Schoology page.  I hope that you are ready for a great year!

Today:  Students started to get to know each other and selected their scientist lab partners.

I hope your first day was fantastic!

Mrs. Setten