September 30, 2013

Today: Students warmed up their science brains with three Heat Formula problems using materials OTHER than water.  Then we completed Pre-Lab for P38.

Homework: None

* FYI: The Heat Unit test will likely be next Thursday and Friday!

Scientist of the Quarter Report - due October 25th
Current Event - due October 24th

Mrs. Setten


September 26, 2013

Today: Students completed a mini-quiz - Heat #2. Next, students finished gathering the data for Lab P37: The Calorie.  Then they spent time analyzing data, calculating the heat loss and gain, & graphing.  Directions for the graph are below.

Homework: P37 Data, Graphing, Summary Qs - due Monday!


1. Draw 4 quadrants on your graph paper.
2. Label the x-axis "Temperature *C" - you should start at 0* from the ORIGIN and use a scale up to about 60*C.
3. Label the y-axis "Heat Change (Calories)".  Above the ORIGIN is the heat gain data, Below is the heat loss data.
4. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Loss of the HOT WATER in RED.
5. Graph the Temperature vs. Calorie Gain of the COLD WATER in BLUE

Have a terrific night!

Mrs. Setten


September 25, 2013

Today: At the beginning of class students voted for the class rules.  These will be upheld for the remainder of the year. #ownyoureducation. Students began collecting data for lab P37: The Calorie. The last ten minutes they were given time to begin their homework - Heat Wkst 2A or 2B.

Homework: Heat 2A or 2B - due tomorrow

Heat Quiz #2 will be tomorrow!

Mrs. Setten


September 24, 2013

Today: Students completed a Heat Formula Quiz on the clickers.  All students can re-take clicker quizzes if a better score is desired.  Students that achieved scores of 2 or less MUST sign up for a retake during ZERO hour (before school) or NINTH hour (after school).

Next students began the introduction for Lab P37: "The Calorie".  As an exit card - students wrote two rules that they feel we should honor in order to take ownership and have success in science this year.  The top five rules written down during class will be voted via clicker poll.  The 2 that receive the most votes will become part of our classroom contract.

Homework: CHECK POWER SCHOOL! Start a S.O.T.Q or Current Event!

Have a super day,

Mrs. Setten


September 23, 2013

Today: Students drew conclusions from Lab P36.  The graph and summary is due tomorrow.  Then students practiced using the heat and temperature formulas.  This has been a difficult skill for many students but takes time to learn how to find the variables for each equation!

Homework: Heat Wkst 1A or 1B - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten

September 23, 2013

Summary Questions for P36 - Due tomorrow
1. What is the unit for heat measurement?
2. How much heat is gained or lost by 50 mL of water cooling from 50 *C to 30 *C
3. How much heat is gained or lost by 50 mL of water at 75*C cooling to 30 *C?
4. What is the relationship between heat and temperature?


SUNDAY 9.21.2013

Happy Fall!

I have finished critiquing 2,  4, and 5th period Steve Jobs reports and will finish the other two classes by tomorrow night.  Remember this was a practice essay in which you get participation points and feedback from me. 

REMINDER! You still need to write another scientist report for quarter 1!

Quarter 1 Scientists:
Rachel Carson
Garret Augustus Morgan
Rebecca Cole
Thomas Alva Edison
George Washington Carver
Shirley Ann Jackson

See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Setten


September 20, 2013

Today: Students finished collecting data for Lab P36.  They then began analyzing data to calculate the heat lost or gained as the water cooled down and put that data in a temperature vs heat loss graph.

Homework: Finish Data Graph - Monday

Happy Homecoming!

Mrs. Setten


September 18, 2013

Today: Pink temperature problems were due today! Students viewed Bill Nye "Heat."  While the video was on, students that need extra support with predicting temperature were pulled by Mrs. Setten.  Students completed a 10 question worksheet while watching Bill Nye. 

Homework: None!

Mrs. Setten


September 17, 2013

Today: Students practiced final temperature calculations.  Students that needed extra support worked with me in the front of the class, while students that were proficient worked individually in the back lab stations.  At the end of class, an exit slip was distributed with final temperature questions.  This will be used as a formative assessment to see who needs reteaching.  Some students finished the calculations early and were able to use prior knowledge from the Geology unit and make connections to the heat unit through an extension activity.

Homework: Predicting Temperature #2 - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten


September 16th, 2013

Today: Students finished Lab P34 and developed formulas for predicting temperature. 

Homework: P34 summary questions - due Tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


September 13, 2013

Today: Students began Lab P34: "Predicting Temperature".  In this lab, students are searching for a formula to predict the temperature of a solution that has been created from two different temperature liquids.  Sometimes the volumes of the liquids are the same, sometimes they differ. 

Homework: Steve Jobs - DUE TODAY by 11:59 p.m.

*The grade book was updated yesterday.  Make sure you check powerschool.  Again, late work will be deducted by 40% automatically. 

Mrs. Setten


September 12, 2013

Today: Students completed a temperature vs. heat activity.  Then they took a 5 point heat vs. temperature "check-in" with their clickers.  Finally, students began to complete their Pre-Lab for P34 "Predicting Temperature."  The lab is tomorrow.

Homework: Practice Scientist of the Quarter: Steve Jobs - DUE TOMORROW (Friday 9/13)

*Preferred submission via Google Docs!  Last submission will be accepted at 11:59 p.m tomorrow, Friday.

Mrs. Setten


September 11, 2013

Today: Student's pink syllabus were due today - signed by a parent/guardian! Students completed Lab P13 "Balloons in Water."  They have 4 summary questions to answer regarding this lab.  Then students took notes on Temperature and Heat.  

P13 Summary Questions - due tomorrow
S.O.T.Q Practice: Steve Jobs - due Friday (via Google Docs)

Quarter 1 Scientists:
Rachel Carson
Garret Augustus Morgan
Rebecca Cole
Thomas Alva Edison
George Washington Carver
Shirley Ann Jackson

Mrs. Setten


September 10, 2013

Today: Students completed the pre-lab for P13 - which is the introductory lab of our heat unit.   We also learned of another project called "Current Events in Science" - which is a 2 paragraph write up due once per quarter.  Students signed a lab contract at the end of the class period. 

Practice S.O.T.Q. Report (Steve Jobs) - due Friday

Mrs. Setten


September 5, 2013

In Class:  Students brainstormed what they think our lab should "LOOK", "SOUND", and "FEEL" like.  Students reviewed Lab Safety.  Then they played garbage can basketball to further test knowledge on lab safety expectations.  

Homework: Study for the LAB SAFETY QUIZ! - Friday (tomorrow)  

* Students must receive a score of 80% to participate in the lab!

Mrs. Setten


September 4, 2013

In class:  Students set up their Science notebooks which will be used for Lab write ups and various other important notes.  The notebooks will be kept in the classroom unless the student chooses to bring it home.  These notebooks are used almost every day! 

Homework: None

Coming Soon: Lab Safety Review & Science Syllabus for 2013-2014 School Year!

Go Orioles!

Mrs. Setten


September 3, 2013


I am beyond excited to get this school year underway! This week we will focus on reviewing class expectations, lab safety and rules/procedures for science class.  

In Class: Scientist Partners

Homework: Bring a composition notebook tomorrow! - due tomorrow (Wednesday)

Go Orioles!

Mrs. Setten