BLOCK SCHEDULE May 14-23, 2013

Sorry for the delay folks!

With block schedule going on, many classes are on different lessons.  I decided to post what we will accomplish for each Block Meeting.  (**Any notes taken during block can be used on the summative assessment for Geologic Time.  If you miss a class - you need to get the notes from a classmate.)

A few reminders:

1. Scientist Reports are DUE next Monday.  J. Tuzo Wilson is the current scientist.  After him there is only ONE more for the year!  These are valuable points, and easy grade boosters.  Get two finished!

2. Check Power School.  It is YOUR responsibility to get any missing work or quizzes completed by the end of the school year.

3. Homework will not be assigned during block periods so focus on #1 and #2 above!

Fossils Jigsaw - Students completed a Jigsaw activity to discover information about types of Fossils and how they are useful in determining the changes on Earth over time.

Geologic Time: Precambrian Era - Students completed a Card Sort; ordering key events from the era in chronological order before filling out a table with information about the life, physical, and climate changes that occurred during the Precambrian era. 

Walking with Dinosaurs

Precambrian review

Carbon Dating - Students viewed a short Brain Pop on the process of Carbon Dating.  Then they practiced calculating the half-life totals of carbon atoms in a fossil.

Paleozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Mesozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Review Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras

Cenozoic Era - Card Sort/ Note Taking

Practice Question: Students will complete a practice question similar to the format of the summative assessment.  This will be in an essay format.  Solid writing and grammar will be considered in the grading. 

Outdoor Activity - Weather Permitting

Geologic Time Summative Assessment

Walking with Dinosaurs OR Land Before Time

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