Hola Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your time off!

For those interested, the first SOTW for winter break is…

Sir William Crookes

Have a splendid break!

Mrs. Setten


12.15 - 12.19.14

It's Submersible Week!

This week students will use their knowledge on Buoyancy to complete an engineering design project!  I have decided to post the week's activities in one post.   This activity will be a week long experience with special appearances by high school science teachers to lend extra support to groups as they complete the task.

Monday:  Project introduction

Students will reflect on the following questions...
1. What is a submersible?
2. What do submersibles do?
3. How does an Ocean Engineer use submersibles?

Tuesday:  Prep Day

Students will...
1. Complete four Mini-Labs to gain background knowledge for the project
2. Begin the "Engineering Design" cycle
3. Work on blueprints for their submersibles

Wednesday: Build Day

Students will…
1. Begin building their submersible
2. Conduct trials on their subs
3.  Make adjustments based on the trials

Thursday:  Build Day #2

Same as Wednesday

Friday: Demo Day

Each group will demo their sub to see how many of the challenges their sub can master.

Happy Week before break!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students last day to work on the P11 lab report in class. They used chrome books to type up their formal lab reports, checked the rubric to make sure all elements were included and then worked on a scientist of the week report.

Homework: Finish P11 if you did not during class. - due Monday

SOTW: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkins

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students continued collecting data for P11.  Then they began graphing individual and class data.  Tomorrow students will begin typing their formal lab reports.

Homework:  Complete P11 graphs for tomorrow!

SOTW: Melba Roy Mouton - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students began Lab P11: Density of Liquids.  This will be an individual formal lab report worth 40 points!

Homework: Check for missing work on Power School!

SOTW:  Melba Roy Mouton

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students collected data for Lab P10 with their groups.

Homework: Missing Work!



Welcome Back!

Today: Students took Cornell style notes to review Density.  Then students completed the P10 pre-lab for tomorrow.  Lastly, students had time to work on the homework - Density Homework #1.

Homework: Density Homework #1 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Frederick McKinley Jones - due Friday 12.5

Happy Monday to All!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed a mystery lab about density.  Some students caught up on missing assignments and tests during this time too!

Homework: ENJOY YOUR BREAK! Eat lots of yummy food!

SOTW: Frederick McKinley Jones - due next Friday!

* I RECOMMEND that you work on a scientist report if you are bored over break!

Have a terrific holiday!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students began lab P9 - investigating density with the Cartesian Diver.  They did the pre-lab and collected data.

Homework: Check power school

SOTW: Robert Hooke - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Sorry for the lack of posting the past two days!  We were taking the Buoyancy Midterm.  If you were absent, please see Mrs. Setten to schedule a make up date!

Today: Students began lab P8/P9.  This is an introduction to the Cartesian Diver and density. This will continue tomorrow in class.

Homework:  SOTW - Robert Hooke - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students studied vocabulary and then played garbage can basketball to test their knowledge.


Homework: Study!

SOTW: Robert Hooke

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students reviewed the BIG ideas from Labs P1-P7 by filling in a flow map.  Then students organized their notebooks.

Homework: Check Power School!

SOTW: Mary Styles Harris - due Friday



Today: Students reviewed P7 and the BIG ideas!  Then they handed in the graphs which will be graded along with the formal lab report that was due Friday.  Then students organized their notebooks and taped in labs P2-P6.

Homework:  Begin to study for the Buoyancy Midterm next Monday

SOTW: Mary Styles Harris - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students worked on their P7 formal lab reports. They should have their reports completed and shared on google docs by Monday.  Graphs will be turned in on Monday during class.

Homework: Finish Lab Report if needed - due Monday

SOTW: Mary Styles Harris

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students finished collecting data for Lab P7 and set up their graphs.

Homework: Work on graphs 7.1 and 7.2 and the summary questions for lab P7. See your yellow rubric for the graph requirements.

Tomorrow students will be typing formal lab reports for P7.  The more work they have completed, the better.

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students began their lab P7: Floating and Sinking Objects.  For this lab, students are working with one partner and completing the lab using the scientific method.  Today they completed the pre-lab, and began collecting their data today.  Students will use their lab information to type a formal lab report on Thursday and Friday.

Homework: Lab P6 NEEDS TO BE TURNED IN!!!

SOTW: Thomas Jennings - due 11/7

Mrs. Setten



Happy November!

Today: Students recapped main ideas from Lab P6.  Then they took some vocal notes and a quick 10 question quiz.  Students who had scores under 6 are excepted to stay after school tomorrow.

Homework: Finish P6 for tomorrow

SOTW: Thomas Jennings - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students worked on the graphing of data and summary questions for lab P6.

Homework: Complete P6 Lab report for Monday.

SOTW for Quarter 2: Thomas Jennings - due next Friday 11/7

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students are collecting data and graphing for Lab P6: Volume and the Sinking Cartons.

Homework: Finish P6 graphs for tomorrow

CHECK POWER SCHOOL! Turn in any missing work ASAP!

Thursday is the end of Q1.

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students talked about physical properties and practiced comparing and contrasting two objects.  Then they worked on summary questions from P5 and the BIG ideas.  At the end of class, students completed a review on experimental design.

Homework: P5 Summary Questions - due tomorrow

*CHECK POWERSCHOOL! End of the quarter is Thursday!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will complete data collecting for lab P5: Sinking Cartons.  Students will think about the properties of the box that might affect its ability to sink.  Students will reflect on best practices in the lab and assess their performance in the lab.

Homework: Check Powerschool! End of the quarter is next week and it is important that all work is turned in!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students reflected on their P4 data and how mass affects the sinking of a straw.  Then students completed a quick check in for graphing and then began pre-lab for P5.

Homework: SOTW!!!!


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will peer edit the graphing homework to get practice looking at whether or not a graph has all required components.  Then students will take their P4 data, graph it and analyze it.

Homework: Finish P4 if you did not get it finished during class.

SOTW: Archimedes - LAST ONE OF THE QUARTER! - due Friday 10/24

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students reviewed the quiz from Wednesday and expectations for graphing data.  Then, students who scored a 15 or greater worked on homework and students that did not score a 15 or greater retook a different version of the quiz.

Homework: Graphing Work - due Wednesday


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students spent the first 20 minutes finishing their P2 graphs and summary questions as well as studying for the quiz.  Then students took the quiz on scientific method vocabulary and reading a graph.

Homework: If students did not finish the lab report it is due MONDAY.  SOTW reports are also important assignments that need to get done.

SOTW: Matthias Jakob Schleiden - due this Friday
Next Week's SOTW: Archimedes - due next Friday

Enjoy MEA break!

Mrs. Setten



Happy Tuesday!

Today: Students began graphing and analyzing their data from lab P2.  They should have their graphs (2-1, 2-2) and summary questions completed during class time tomorrow.

Homework: Work on P2 graphs and summary questions

SOTW: Matthias Jakob Schleiden - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today:  Students completed Lab P2 today.

Homework: P2 Summary Questions - due Tuesday

SOTW: Matthias Jakob Schleiden - due Friday 10/17

**With the end of the quarter sneaking up, I highly recommend students check their Power School for NTI, ABS!  

NTI = Not Turned In
ABS = Student was Absent on the day of the activity

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed Lab P1: Liquids and Solids.  This is the first lab of the next unit on Buoyancy.  Students also began pre-lab for P2 which they will complete on Monday.

SOTW: Matthias Jakob Schleiden - due next Friday 10/17

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students continued to work on their "As Seen on TV" product experiments.  If they do not finish today, they can stay after school until 3p or take the poster home.  It is due no later than Monday.

Homework: As Seen on TV posters - Monday 10/13

SOTW: Satyendra Nath Bose - due TOMORROW

Mrs. Setten



Sorry for the late post!

Today:  Students took notes about the scientific method.  Then they began an activity called "As Seen on TV" product review to practice implementing the scientific method.  Students chose a product that is often advertised on TV and are responsible for designing an experiment using the scientific method - PHEOC.  Based on the "fake" data they collect in the experiment, the student writes a conclusion and rates the product on a 5 star scale.  I am excited to see what they conjure up!

Homework: If needed - work on the Problem, Hypothesis and Experiement sections of the project, THE POSTER IS DUE ON FRIDAY.

SOTW: Satyendra Nath Bose - due 10/9 (Friday)

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students took Cornell style notes on the elements of an experiment.  They also learned about qualitative and quantitative observations and practiced writing some about a sweet treat!

Homework: Qualitative/Quantitative Worksheet - due Tomorrow (Wed)

SOTW:  Satyendra Nath Bose - due Friday 10/11

**I am ENCOURAGING you to complete a scientist report - especially if you have not yet submitted one.

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will finish lab safety posters and review the policies and procedures of the lab.  Then they will take a lab safety quiz.  In order to participate in future labs, students must score an 80% or better on the quiz. This is to ensure that all expectations for lab are clearly communicated and understood by all students.

Homework: SOTW if you need to complete!

SOTW:  Satyendra Nath Bose - due Friday!

Mrs. Setten



Today:  Students finished up their measurement exams.  Then they had a "Condiment Day."  If missing work in science they were to "Catch Up" on that work.  If they are all square, students have some time to "Relish" their hard work.

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


9.30.14 & 10.1.14

Students are completing their measurement assessment.  During this time they are completing two different tasks.  The first is a set of hands-on skill scenarios needed if embarking on an international travel experience - in this case to Brazil!  They are also completing a general measurement exam.

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due Friday

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed their station review.  Then they played garbage can basket ball to review for the test.

Homework: Study Guide - due tomorrow

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due Friday 10/3

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students watched Bill Nye: Measurement and answered review questions.  Then students created graphic organizers to communicate the names of measurements, tools used to make the measurement and proper units.

Homework: Study Guide - due Tuesday

SOTW: Danielle N. Lee - due next Friday


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will discuss and turn in the mass lab.  Then students will complete metric stations to begin reviewing for the measurement assessment!

Homework: Measurement Study Guide - due next Tuesday

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26 

Mrs. Setten


Today: The 2014-2015 Essential Agreements were revealed to the classes and students signed the agreement. Students took notes on how to properly use the triple beam balance. Then they completed the Mass Lab.

Homework: Triple Beam Balance Worksheet - due Friday 9/26

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - 9/26

*Measurement Assessment is next week! Please encourage your student to study!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students voted on the 2014-2015 Essential Agreements for science this year.  Then they took Cornell notes about our last type of measurement in the unit - Mass.

At the end of class, Students worked in groups and came up with steps to using a triple beam balance.  These steps should be communicated clearly so someone who has never massed an object could try it.

Homework: Check Powerschool!

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students will review reading liquid volume from a graduated cylinder.  Then they will take a clicker check in.  After the check in, students will start mass and the triple beam balance!

Homework:  none

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

* The measurement assessment will begin next Monday! Please encourage your student to study for the assessment!

Happy a Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students learned about measuring liquid volume and then completed a lab to practice using beakers and graduated cylinders.

SOTW: Madame CJ Walker - due Friday 9/26

Enjoy the Weekend!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed the Area and Volume lab.


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students completed a metric conversion check in.  Then students took Cornell Notes on Area, Solid Volume and Surface Area.


SOTW: Jane Goodall - due Friday 9/19

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students chose their quarter 1 scientist partners.  These are used for labs and partner activities during the quarter.  Then students practiced metric conversions by completing 8 stations.
Homework: Metric Conversions #5-8 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Jane Goodall - 9/19


Mrs. Setten



Today: Students watched a Brain Pop about how to convert metric units.  Then they practiced metric conversions using a white board and marker.  At the end of class, students had time to work on their homework assignment (listed below).

Homework: Metric Conversions #1-4 - due tomorrow

SOTW: Jane Goodall - due Friday 9/19

Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten


September 11, 2014

Today: Students will take a Metric vs. English Measurement Quiz on the clickers.  Then they will complete the Length Lab to become accurate at recording measurements of length, width and height.

Homework: Home Measurements - due Monday

SOTW: Einstein - due TOMORROW 9/12


September 10, 2014

Today: Students finished writing notes on a venn diagram about Metric and English measurement systems.  Then they listened to the meter, liter, gram song and were introduced to our first metric measurement - length and the meter.

Homework: Please turn in any missing work ASAP (class contract, science A to Z)

SOTW: Einstein - due Friday 9/12

Happy Hump Day!

Mrs. Setten


September 8, 2014

Today: Science classes met in the LMC for a rules presentation by 7th grade Dean, Randy Zutz.  They highlighted important rules in their student planners and had an opportunity to ask questions.

1. Turn in Class Contract - ASAP
2.  Scientist of the Week - Albert Einstein - due Friday

Have a Happy Monday!

Mrs. Setten


September 5, 2014

Happiest of Fridays to you my friends!

We have made it through our first week together and I can already tell that we are in for a FABULOUS year!  This blog is a very helpful resource for keeping up to date with our classroom work as well as any homework assignments.  I update this blog DAILY during my 2nd period prep time.

A Few Reminders:

1. Bring your assignment notebook to science class on Monday.  Our 7th Grade Dean, Mr. Zutz will be presenting to us about SCHOOL RULES!

2. CLASS CONTRACTS are due Monday - make sure you read through the contract with your parent/guardian and have them sign.

If you LOST your class contract (we will work on that) - I have attached a copy below.

Copy of Class Contract

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Setten


June 2, 2014

Today: Students finished the Chemistry Test.

Homework: Share Scientist of the Quarter Reports with me on Google Docs by TOMORROW (Tues)

Mrs. Setten


May 27, 2014

Today: Balancing equations

Homework: Finish the worksheet

*Chemistry test begins on FRIDAY!

Mrs. Setten


May 21, 2014

Today: Students finished P22 and worked on the summary questions

Homework: P22 Summary Questions - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


May 20, 2014

Today: Students began lab P22. They will continue tomorrow.

Homework: none - unless you owe me assignments!

Mrs. Setten


May 16, 2014

Today: DJ FRIDAY and WORK TIME! Students worked through P21 with small groups.  Then completed summary questions.

Homework: Summary Questions - see below

1. Hydrogen Bromide is a compound formed by hydrogen and bromine.  In a chemical reaction, .6L of hydrogen combine with .6L of bromine to form 1.2L of hydrogen bromide.

a. What is the volume ratio of hydrogen to bromide to hydrogen bromide?
b. write a word equation
c. draw a picture equation
d. what is the least number possible of atoms in a molecule of bromine?

3. Choose one of Dalton's statements from his atomic theory and explain how lab P21 is evidence that supports it.

Mrs. Setten


May 15, 2014

Today: Students shared Avogadro stories. Then we completed the pre-lab for P21 and added more Chemistry Key Words to our list.

Homework: NONE

Mrs. Setten


May 14, 2014

Today: Students reflected on the P20 summary questions. Then they took a check-in. Lastly students wrote Avogadro Stories with a list of words.

Homework: Finish P20

Mrs. Setten


May 13, 2014

P20 Summary Questions

1. How is volume ratio different than mass ratio?  Why?

2. Why do the compounds form in whole number ratios?

3. What is the name of the process for the reactions creating the gaseous compounds?

4. How do you find the total volume of reactants?  How do you find the total volume of products?

5. ESSAY RESPONSE. Pick one of Dalton’s statements and explain how this lab supports the statement.  Your answer should be atleast 5-7 sentences.


May 12, 2014

Today: Students completed lab P19 presentations.  They also took a P15-17 check in quiz.  Lastly, we read about Joseph Gay Lussac and his observations on volume ratios of gaseous compounds.  We will complete lab P20 tomorrow.

Homework: MAKE UP WORK!!!

Mrs. Setten

- 21 days left. BE on your GAME!


May 9, 2014

Today: Students finished writing their presentations about Dalton's Atomic Theory.  Then groups began presentations.  At the end of class there was a POP QUIZ on Lab P17.

Homework:  Check Powerschool!

Mrs. Setten


May 8, 2014

Today: We reviewed key concepts from lab P17.  Then students grouped together to prepare presentations about Dalton's Atomic Theory.  Each group is responsible for one of Dalton's seven statements and must use evidence from our previous labs to share whether or not  the statement is supported.

Homework: LATE WORK!


May 7, 2014

Today: Students completed lab P17.

Homework: P17 Graph and Summary Questions - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


May 6, 2014

Today: Students completed Lab P16.  We will begin P17 tomorrow.

Homework: PERIOD 4 ONLY.
- P16 Graphs
- P16 Summary Questions
- P16 Homework


Mrs. Setten


May 2, 2014

Today: Students began Lab P16.  They read the background information, set up the lab stations and massed out their flasks and tubing.

Homework: LATE WORK- ASAP!

Mrs. Setten


May 1, 2014

Today: Students brainstormed physical vs chemical changes to review.  Then students broke into two groups.  One group stayed with Mrs. Setten to review how to draw System Analysis Diagrams.  The other group worked on drawing their own examples of the analysis and synthesis of substances in the back.  Then as a whole group we discussed the main ideas from lab P15.  Students ended class with a quiz on P15.

Homework: Turn in ALL late work.  It is YOUR job to complete work ON TIME.  Now is not the time to slack! We must finish the year strong to prepare for a vigorous schedule next year at the high school.

Mrs. Setten


April 30, 2014

Today: Students finished Lab P15 "Analyzing Blue Vitriol".  During this lab they were able to analyze and synthesize Blue Vitriol.  Students learned how to draw system analysis diagrams.  This will help with knowing where reactants and products belong in a chemical equation.

Homework: P15 Summary Questions - due tomorrow (4/1)

ADOPT-AN-ELEMENT were due last Friday and I am still missing a number of them... make it a priority to turn those in!

Mrs. Setten


April 28/29, 2014

1. Students turned in their P14 lab summary and data.  This was a large lab with a 3 paragraph essay requirement.
2. Review of the Chemical vs Physical Changes
3. Chemistry Key Word Notes
4. Quiz

Homework:  If you have not done so... FINISH AND HAND IN....
1. Adopt-an-Element project (due last Friday)
2. Lab P14 Summary and Data

1. P15 "Analyzing Blue Vitriol" Pre-lab
2. Part 1 of Lab P15



Mrs. Setten


April 14, 2014

Today: Students reviewed key vocabulary for the periodic table test.  Then used periodic tables to answer questions in a friendly game of Garbage Can Basketball.


Mrs. Setten


April 11, 2014

Today: Students played a few rounds of Guess the Element! Then they took a quick periodic table check in.  Based on their score - they chose an area where they could improve to study for our upcoming Periodic Table test.

Students who have mastered the skills and were not missing assignments participated in a 10th grade level Chemistry lesson  focused on electron configurations with orbitals.

Homework: Study for the TEST!

**PERIODIC TABLE ASSESSMENT - next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Make sure you have your periodic table for it!

Mrs. Setten


April 9, 2014

Today: Students filled in a periodic table chart with information on Atomic #, Mass #, Proton, Neutron and Electrons. Then they took notes on Bohr Models and the steps needed to draw them.
Students then practiced drawing Bohr Models.

Homework: Bohr Model Questions - due tomorrow (4/10)


April 8, 2014

Today: Students took a neutron quiz at the beginning of class.  Then they began to fill in an element chart.  At the end of class, students began to learn about Electrons and how to use the PERIODIC TABLE for important information about them.

Homework: Finish the Element Chart


April 7, 2014

Today: Students reviewed key concepts on Atomic Structure and reading the Periodic Table. Then students viewed a Brain Pop about isotopes and how to calculate the number of neutrons in an atom.  Lastly students completed an isotope activity and worked on their Green Homework Sheet.

Homework: Neutrons Worksheet (Green) - due TOMORROW 4/8

Mrs. Setten


March 25, 2013

Today: Students finished notes on the Atomic Structure.  Then they completed a Mystery Box activity in class. Lastly, students began to research the atomic model and how it has evolved over time.  They are completing a jigsaw in which each student becomes the "expert" on one of the models and then teaches the rest of the group.

Homework: SOTQ and CE - ASAP


March 21, 2014

Today: Students finished building their mousetrap cars and began trials for distance.  Once they completed the trials with the base model, they brainstormed and modified the car to attempt to increase the distance traveled by the mousetrap car.

It was so fun to watch the teams communicate and work as a team to achieve!

Willy B, Ian and Annie (from Period 6) are in the lead with 16.8 meters of distance! Way to go!

Homework: SOTQ and CE are due MONDAY (3/24)

Mrs. Setten


March 20, 2014

Today: I was proctoring MCA make ups today and had a guest teacher.  Students worked on building their mousetrap cars in class.  Tomorrow with their team, they will attempt to modify the car to make it move a farther distance.

2. SOTQ and Current Events are due MONDAY (3/24)

Check March 10th post for the scientist names of Q3.

Mrs. Setten


March 19, 2014

Today: Students completed MCA science tests.  All students that did not finish will be pulled to complete the test at some point in the near future.

Homework: SOTQ and Current Events! - Due Monday 3/24

Mrs. Setten


March 18, 2014

Today: Students began MCA testing in science. They will test tomorrow too.

Homework: SOTQ and CE are due no later than Monday 3/24 (NEXT WEEK!)

Last week I posted the list of scientists for Q3 - check it out!


Mrs. Setten


March 13, 2014

Today: Review Day! Students played garbage can basketball to study for the test tomorrow. 

Homework: STUDY GUIDE and notes - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


March 12, 2014

Today: Students finished their notes on galaxies.  Then we discussed MCA day 7 questions.  Lastly students received their astronomy test 3 study guide and the blank note sheet that they may choose to prepare for Fridays assessment. 

MCA day 8 questions - due Thursday
Study Guide - due Friday
SOTQ and Current Events - due March 24

Mrs. Setten


March 11, 2014

Today: After discussing the day 6 MCA questions, the class reviewed reading an H-R diagram.  Then students began to research the different types of galaxies. Each student became an expert in one of the three main classes and will teach their peers about it tomorrow.

Homework: Day 7 MCA Questions

*Astronomy Test #3 is FRIDAY! (Study, Study, Study!)

REMINDER: Scientist of the Quarter and Current Events are due March 24th!

Happy Night!

Mrs. Setten


SCIENTISTS for QUARTER 3 and MCA Practice Link

Here are the names for SOTQ #3.

Marie Curie
John Dalton
Samuel Massie Jr.
Jaqueline Barton
Dmitri Mendeleev
Marie Daly
Amadeo Avagadro
David Crosthwait Jr.
Jons Jakob Berzellius
Alfred Nobel

The requirements for this quarter are as follows:

Paragraph #1:  Introduction of the scientist - background information
Paragraph #2:  Major Contributions of the scientist
Paragraph #3: IB Attribute and Reflections (How has this scientist affected... you, society, environment)



Online Item Samplers, log in as a guest

March 10, 2014

Today: Students completed MCA practice questions on the computer.

Homework: MCA practice Questions #6


Mrs. Setten


March 5, 2014

Today: Students read about Life Cycle of Stars and how mass affects their final stages.  Then student created flow maps to organize the phases and the key facts for each phase.

Homework:  MCA day 3 questions, Finish Flow Maps - due tomorrow

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Create a music video about the life cycle of a medium or massive star.  

Mrs. Setten


March 4, 2014

Today: Students discussed the day 1 MCA practice questions.  Every morning for the next two weeks - students should plan on completing a section.  Then students worked on section 2-2 "the Sun".  At the end of class students completed a quiz on the sun.

Lesson 2-2 The Sun Wkst - due tomorrow
MCA Day 2 questions - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


March 3, 2014

Today: Students reflected on what they already know about the sun. Then they took notes about the anatomy and special features of our sun.  

Lunar Calendars were due today!

Homework: MCA practice questions #1 - Will be checked for completion at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Mrs. Setten


February 28, 2014

Today was a hard day for many students and staff members as we deal with our feelings regarding the unfortunate incident yesterday.  My thoughts are with all of the people hurting especially the family and friends of the child.

Today: Students took an open note test on the planets, astronomers and C.A.Ms.

Homework: Lunar Calendars - due MONDAY!

Mrs. Setten


February 27, 2014

Today: Students used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Comets, Meteors and Asteroids.  Then two student volunteers facilitated a large group discussion regarding CAMs.  After a short PLANET GAME break - students were able to take some time to organize notes for the test tomorrow.


Homework: Organize your notes --- then dont forget to BRING YOUR NOTES tomorrow!!!

Mrs. Setten


February 26, 2014

Today: Students took a 10 questions clicker quiz on the astronomers with NO notes.  (Retakes are possible!)  Then they watched a Brain Pop on Comets and Asteroids.  Students began to work on collecting information about Comets, Meteoroids and Asteroids for the test Friday.

Remember, that the test on FRIDAY is OPEN NOTE.  Note taking is an important skill for higher level education classes.  Organized, neat notes will make for a successful testing day!

1. Organize notes
   - Planet Packet
   - Astronomer Information
   - C.A.M. Information
2. Lunar Calendars are due NEXT MONDAY (3/3)

Mrs. Setten


February 25, 2014

Today: Students gained knowledge about seven astronomers that significantly shaped our views of the solar system.  They then checked in on their note taking skills by completing an EXIT SLIP with questions about the astronomers studied!

FYI:  There is a test on Friday on planets, astronomers and comet/meteor/asteroids.  IT IS OPEN NOTE.  All notes taken in class can be used for the test!

Homework: Lunar Calendars - due 3/3 (next Monday!)

Mrs. Setten


February 24, 2014

Today: Students continued to collect information on the planets by reading peer brochures.  At the end of class they voted on their favorite planet.

**Lunar Calendars are due next MONDAY (3/3)  These are graded in both science and art classes.  Make a priority to turn these in on time!

Mrs. Setten


February 20, 2014

Today: Students began class by completing peer evaluations and reflection questions about the engineering and design project. Then they started to collect information on the planets by reading classmates marketing brochures.

Homework:  Write a mnemonic device to remember the order of the planets in our solar system from the sun outward.

Example: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.

I just got finished shoveling my driveway - it was like throwing bricks around! WOW!

Mrs. Setten


February 18, 2014

Today: Students worked in their engineering groups on their Lunar Design.  They will finish the project tomorrow during class.  All work should take place during class with group members present.  This is a 50 point lab grade.  Students will grade their participation as well as their group members.


Lunar Calendar - 3/3

Mrs. Setten


February 11, 2014

Today: Students performed their skits on lunar eclipses, solar eclipses and tides.  They also worked on completing a packet on eclipses and tides.

1) Eclipse Packets and Study Guides - both deadlines extended to THURSDAY 2/13
2) Planet Brochures - due tomorrow WEDNESDAY 2/12
3) Lunar Calendars - due 3/3


Make sure you are studying!

Mrs. Setten


February 10, 2014

Happy Jersey Day!

Today: Students worked in small groups to write a skit about one of the following topics: solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, tidal movement.  They will perform the skits for me tomorrow in class. Students also received a tides and eclipse packet - which will be due at the END of class tomorrow.

There are many assignments and projects to keep track of in science.  I strongly encourage use of the students agenda!

1. Eclipse/Tide Packets - due tomorrow
2. Astro Test #1 Review Packet- Due Wednesday 2/12
3. Planet Brochure - due Wednesday 2/12
4. Lunar Art Calendar - due 3/3

** We will take our first Astronomy test on seasons and the moon this THURSDAY 2/13.

Mrs. Setten


February 6, 2014

Today: Students worked on their Planet Brochures.  Mr. Holmbeck, Media Specialist, came to help set up the brochure in Google Docs.  Students will have time tomorrow to complete their brochures. Any extra time needed will be homework as brochures are due on Wednesday, February 12th.  Students should continue to observe and sketch the moon phases every night. This is an interdisciplinary project with Art and will count for both science and the February art calendar.

1. Check Powerschool for missing work.
2. Planet Brochures - due 2/12
3. Moon Phase Calendar - due 3/3

Stay Warm!

Mrs. Setten


February 4, 2014

Good Morning!

Today: Students will finish their group poster on the Moon Phases then complete the Moon Phase Lab. It will give them a visual hands on experience to make connections to why we see moon phases.

1. Complete Moon Lab summary - due tomorrow
2. Students should continue to research their planet for Thursday.
3. They should also complete the moon phase calendar by observing the moon nightly and sketching/labeling.  If it is cloudy, the internet can be used.

Mrs. Setten


February 3, 2014

Today: Students began a Planet Marketing Project in the computer lab.  Their mission is to persuade their classmates to visit their planet by creating a travel brochure.  Today, Mr. Holmbeck came and talked to students about using appropriate resources.  Students used the remaining time to collect info on the planet that they chose.

Homework: Lunar Calendar - due March 1st

Mrs. Setten


January 31, 2014

Today: Students will use teamwork to teach each other about the phases of the moon.  Each student is in charge of teaching their group mates about a phase of the moon.  Together, they will create a poster showing the phases of the moon in the positions of the revolution around the sun and how we view the phase on Earth.

Homework: It is not too early to get your current event completed for quarter 3! Save yourself the stress in March.

Mrs. Setten

January 30, 2014

Today: Students completed quizzes on seasons and latitude/longitude Earth application.  Then they were assigned a phase of the moon for tomorrow's investigation.  Finally - SOTQ scientists for Q3 were unveiled (my favorite ones for the year!)

Homework: Lesson 1.1 was due yesterday.  Please turn it in! The habit of turning in homework after the deadline needs to be worked on! This is a skill that will not be tolerated in High School!

Mrs. Setten


January 29, 2013

Today: Today students finished the season posters that they started before the Polar Vortex dropped back into our neighborhood!

- Period 5 - Complete Lesson 1.1 - DUE TOMORROW (Thursday)
- All other periods are welcome to complete the advanced thinking for extra credit.  - DUE FRIDAY

QUARTER 3 SOTQ will be unveiled tomorrow!  Make your choices and begin researching for Language Arts - YES you will be writing them again in LA!

Mrs. Setten


January 17, 2013

Today was DJ Friday! Students read and took notes on terms that are used often in the study of Astronomy.  They also discussed whether or not there is life on other planets - and if so, the resources needed to sustain life.


End of Q2 is next Thursday! Check P-School for missing work and get it in!


February 16, 2014

Today: Students reflected on what they already knew about Astronomy in a pre-think activity.  Then they tapped into their creative side and used some astronomy vocabulary words to write a short story.

Homework; TURN IN CURRENT EVENTS AND SOTQ - tomorrow (Friday)

Mrs. Setten


January 14, 2014

Today: Students began their Light Test #2.  They also turned in their 40 point study guide packet.

Homework: CURRENT EVENTS and SOTQ reports are due FRIDAY!  Students should have turned in their scientist report to Mr. Jakacki earlier this quarter.  They can submit the same report to me via google docs or hard copy.

With the end of the quarter sneaking up - check power school and get in all missing work!

Mrs. Setten


January 13, 2013

Today: Students continued to study for the test but completing the assignments.  All four are due tomorrow before the test.


Homework: Study Guides - due tomorrow (Tuesday)

Mrs. Setten


Friday, January 10, 2014

Today: Students worked on completing the study guides for the final light assessment.  There are 4 worksheets that will be due on TUESDAY before the exam.

Homework: All due on TUESDAY (1/14)
- Yellow Vocabulary
- Pink Diagram Review
- Yellow Diagram Review
- Snell's Law Questions


Study this weekend!

Mrs. Setten


January 8, 2013


Today: Students watched "Bill Nye: Light Optics" to kick off our review of key concepts before light assessment #2.  They will get their vocabulary study sheets back and need to complete them to help study.  THE TEST WILL BE NEXT WEEK

Here are some skills and information they need to study:
Reading a Spectrum Graph (Amount of Light Absorbed)
Leaf Extraction
Using a Protractor
Drawing Angles of Incidence, Reflection and Refraction on a diagram
Snell's Law (Formula will be provided)

Homework: Snell's Law Practice Problems - due Friday

REMINDER: Current Event and Scientist reports are due NEXT FRIDAY (1/17)