Hour 5: Students concluded lab P17 Analyzing Water.

Hour 6 and 8: Began lab P17 Analyzing Water and played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Today: Students concluded lab P16 by graphing the classes data.  Then they were introduced to the Law of Conservation of Mass.  We worked on a worksheet re-enforcing the ratios between reactants and products.  At the end of class students took a quiz regarding the lab.

Homework: None


May 10

Today:  Students worked in lab groups and used their triple beam balances to find the masses of different objects for Lab P16.  Then papers and tests were passed back.

Homework: None! 

Happy Thursday.


May 9

Today: Students concluded Lab P15 and took a quiz. Then we discussed the background information on Lab 16.  

Homework: Lab P15 summaries are due TOMORROW.


Today: Students worked on Lab P15 summary.  They also learned how to draw systems analysis diagrams.

Homework:  Lab P15 summary


Today: Students completed lab P15 "Analyzing Blue Vitriol".  

Homework: None

Turn in your missing work! :)


2nd Period: Students read about how to indicate a chemical reaction is taking place, and wrote vocabulary.  Then they reviewed chemical reactions for a quiz tomorrow.

Rest of Periods: Students Reviewed chemical reactions and took a quiz.  Then students read through Flame Test Lab procedure. 

Homework: P14 lab summary due tomorrow!


Today: Students finished up lab P14.  Then as a class, discussed the chemical reactions that they observed in the lab and the indicators that show a reaction was taking place.  Lastly, students worked on their lab summaries. This is a 1-2 paragraph assignment.  

Turn in your homework PRONTO!

Have a Happy Day!


Today: Students continued the chemistry sampler lab.