March 21, 2013

Today: Students took an open note quiz on minerals to wrap up before spring break.  Their Mighty Mineral projects were also due. 

Enjoy your break! :)

Mrs. Setten


March 18, 2013

Happy Monday and late start! 

The end of the third quarter is this THURSDAY! (That means you are 3/4 of the way to 8th grade!) My hope is that we continue to work on organization and prioritizing skills so that come 8th grade, we are prepared and ready to learn!

Today: We completed pre-lab for the Unknown Mineral Identification Lab. I have posted the procedure below.  Students are expected to have the procedure written down prior to the lab on Wednesday.

1.Select an unknown mineral for testing.
2.Look at the mineral’s color. Record on the data table.
3.Use the streak plate to rub mineral and create a powder.  Record the color of the powder.
4.Examine the luster. Record on the data table.
5.Test the unknown mineral for hardness. Record hardness on the data table.
6.Find the density of the mineral. Record on data table.
7.Examine the mineral to determine if it has cleavage.
8.Use a magnet to test for magnetic qualities.  Record results on the data table.
9.Put one drop of diluted hydrochloric acid on the mineral and observe.  Record any observations on the data table.
10.Identify the mineral by reading the dichotomous key and the data collected on the table.
11.Repeat steps 1-10 for unknown mineral #2.

***Tuesday after school will be a test/quiz/lab make up day for quarter 3.

Three more days until Spring Break.....Let's make them productive!

Mrs. Setten


March 15, 2013

Today: Students worked with their partner to identify 10 of 14 minerals.  They completed many property tests that real life geologists use when identifying minerals in the field. 

TODAY is the last day to turn in scientist reports for the quarter.  The reports can be submitted via homework dropbox, google docs (must share with me!), or e-mail.  As I explained to students, there will be NO extensions for these reports as this is an ongoing project and they have had 8 scientists to choose from this quarter!

Homework: NONE

Make Up Testing: I will be available TUESDAY after school for any students that would like to retake clicker quizzes or the vocab section of their matter unit tests.  This will be the last day students can come to make them up!  To stay after, I ask that your child lets me know so I can be prepared with their test ready to go!

Happy Friday!

Mrs. Setten


March 14, 2013

Today: First students took a short quiz on the properties of minerals.  Then students began the Mineral Identification Lab. 

Homework: Arthur Holmes REPORTS!

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - due tomorrow


 5 days until SPRING BREAK!

Mrs. Setten


March 12 (Summary Questions)

Summary Questions for TOMORROW (Wednesday)

1. What characteristics must a substance have to be considered a mineral? (there are 5)
2. Describe how you can test a mineral to determine its hardness, density, and streak?
3. What us the major difference between an element and compound?
4. According to the definition of a mineral, can water be classified as a mineral? Explain why or why not.
5. Explain why you cant rely on any single test or property when you are trying to identify a mineral.

March 12, 2013

YESTERDAY we began the GEOLOGY unit!  I am excited to explore the earth's minerals and rocks, plate tectonics,  natural disasters, and so much more! 

Today: Students read about the properties used to identify minerals in the red earth science book.  They filled in a graphic organizer with descriptions of the property tests and answered summary questions 1-5 on page 54.

Homework: Summary Questions 1-5, Page 54 - due tomorrow

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - 3/15

Last week for scientist reports! 

Hope you have a great day!

Mrs. Setten


March 8, 2013

Today: Students are witnessing the phase change of freezing by making their own ice cream! It is the last day of the Matter Unit - so all assignments from the unit were due.  

Scientist of the Week: Arthur Holmes - due 3/15

** HOLMES is the LAST scientist  of the quarter! Remember to get your reports in as they are worth 15 assessment points each! :)

Homework: NONE - we had a hard testing week, so make sure you enjoy your weekend!

"Your Matter Matters!"

Mrs. Setten


March 7, 2013

Today: Students completed the Matter Unit Assessment. They also turned in their phases of matter study guide and any missing work.

* Tomorrow is the LAST day to turn in work from the Matter Unit! 

Tomorrow: ICE CREAM LAB (Students that turned in their vocab books on time will make homemade ice cream)

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Tomorrow.

Hoping to see some parents at conferences tonight!

Mrs. Setten


March 6, 2013

Today: Students started their Matter Unit Assessments. 

Homework: SCIENTIST REPORTS!!! (2nd to last week), Turn in any late work from the unit, and complete the Phases of Matter Study Guide if you have not yet done so.

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Friday 3/8

Ice Cream Lab will be on Friday. 

Looking for some donations for upcoming labs:
1. Quart sized plastic bags that close
2. Dixie Cups
3. Plastic Spoons

Mrs. Setten


March 5, 2013

Today: Garbage Can Basketball Review for the test! Yesterday, students also completed review stations to practice skills that will be needed for a successful unit test.

TOMORROW (Wednesday) is the Matter Unit Test! 

Homework: Phase Change Study Guide - due Thursday

Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due Friday 3/8

*** 2nd to last scientist of the quarter. You need to complete two reports per quarter!

Mrs. Setten


March 1, 2013

Today: Students took a quiz on Lab 22.  Then they worked on completing their formal lab reports.  We are really focusing on completing lab reports thoroughly and checking to make sure all components are there before turning in. 

Homework: P22 Lab Report - due Tuesday


Scientist of the Week: Thomas Jennings - due 3/8

Mrs. Setten