April 30, 2013

Today: We had a great field trip at the Park Theater in downtown St. Paul.  The students were well-behaved and the play was fantastic!

Tomorrow: (WEDNESDAY, MAY 1) Students will take the Rock Test.  Do not forget to study!  

SOTW: Robert Hooke - due Monday 5/6

** Grades are updated in power school.  Please make sure you turn in any missing work or make arrangements with me to make them up! :) 

Study Hard Tonight! 

Mrs. Setten


April 25, 2013

Today: Students are reviewing the three types of rocks by completing a "Tree Map" activity with a word list containing important vocabulary.  They will first try to categorize the words individually, next pair up with a partner and compare, and finally we will discuss as a while group.

Homework: Finish Tree Map - due tomorrow, Practice Test (optional)

SOTW: Evangelista Torricelli - due tomorrow 4/26


Happy Thursday!

Mrs. Setten


April 23, 2013

Today: Students finished their yellow metamorphic packets.  Then they took a quiz on Metamorphic Rocks.

Homework: Yellow Packet - due tomorrow 4/24

SOTW: Evangelista Toricelli - due Fri 4/26

Mrs. Setten


April 22, 2013

Today: Students will complete a metamorphic rock lab and activity packet.  

Tomorrow: METAMORPHIC rock quiz! STUDY your notes.

SOTW: Evangelista Torricelli - due Friday

ROCK TEST will be NEXT Wednesday - 5/1

Mrs. Setten


April 18, 2013

Today: Students reviewed sedimentary rocks and took a quiz.  Then students highlighted information on Metamorphic rocks. 

SOTW: Charles Richter - due TOMORROW

Homework:  White Review Packet - due TOMORROW

Have a TERRIFIC night!

Mrs. Setten


April 17, 2013

Today: Students finished up the Sedimentary Rock Lab.  Then they worked on review questions about igneous and sedimentary rocks.

Homework: Igneous and Sedimentary Review Packet - due Friday


SOTW: Charles Richter - 4/19

Have a nice day!

Mrs. Setten


April 16, 2013

MCA's Today - Math Test for 7th graders! Hoping they all got enough sleep!

Today:  Students are in the computer lab, sharing their ABC Geo projects with classmates.  They, in turn, are giving feed back to their classmates about ways they could improve the project as well as areas that students did well on.

Homework: Sedimentary Rock Packet (Green) #'s 1-6 - due Thursday 4/18

SOTW: Charles Richter - due 4/19

*This week's scientist is a good one to write a report on - LOTS of information!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Mrs. Setten


April 12, 2013

Today: Students completed a sedimentary rock I.D. lab with a partner of their choice.  The GEO PROJECTS are due today, no later than 11:59.59 pm.  

Homework: Questions 1-6 on page 2 of the Green Sedimentary Rock packet. Students should also work on a Scientist of the Week Report.

S.o.t.W:  Charles Richter - due 4/19

Have a happy weekend!
Mrs. Setten


April 10, 2013

Today: Students took a quiz on the rock cycle and igneous rocks.  Then they began to take notes on Sedimentary rocks.  Today the students were the teachers, each having information to share about an aspect of sedimentary rocks. 

Homework: GEO book - due 4/12 Fri

Scientist: Norman L. Bowen - 4/12

Have a happy day!

Mrs. Setten


April 8, 2013

Today: Igneous rock intro

Homework: GEO projects - due 4/12

S.o.t.W: Norman L. Bowen - due 4/12

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


April 5, 2013

Today: Students completed a rock cycle simulation using a crayon as a model.  

Homework: GEO PROJECT! - due Fri 4/12

Norman L. Bowen - Friday 4/12
Friedrich Mohs - Monday 4/8

*Make sure you are consistently making progress on your projects!  They are worth 110 points and each slide needs all components for full points. 

Have a safe, relaxing weekend!

Mrs. Setten :)


April 4, 2013

Today: Students listened to a story about Herby Stone, a rock going through different processes in the rock cycle.  Then they highlighted important terms. After a short discussion, students worked in pairs to complete a diagram of the rock cycle and answer questions.  

Homework: Geo Project - due next Friday 4/12

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


April 3, 2013

Today: Students spent a final day in the computer lab.  The rest of the GEO project must be completed on student's own time during study hall, after school or at home. 

Homework: Geo Projects - due Friday 4/3

Happy Wednesday!

Mrs. Setten


April 2, 2013

Today: Students continued to work on their ABC Geology projects.  They are due next FRIDAY (4/12).  Reminder that they can be accessed on Google Docs from home.

I will be available after school today in Lab D for those students that need to stay and work on the project!

Scientist of the Week:  Friedrich Mohs - Friday 4/5

Have a happy day!

Mrs. Setten


April 1, 2013

Welcome Back!  We are now in our 4th and final quarter of 7th grade - let's make it the best one yet!

Today: Students worked in the computer lab to begin their ABC of Geology projects.  These will be done on google docs and can be accessed from home.  They will be due Friday April 12th!  We will work on them in class Tuesday and Thursday... anything else must be completed from study hall, after school or at home.

Homework: Geology ABC - due 4/12

Scientist of the Week: Friedrich Mohs - due this Friday 4/5

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Setten