Today: Students started lab P14: Chemistry Sampler Lab

Homework: None



Today: Students reviewed physical and chemical changes.  Then they watched a Mythbusters about coca-cola reactions.  

Tomorrow: Students will review lab safety and read about their first of many labs- the Chem. Sampler Lab!


Today: Students learned about Physical and Chemical changes.  

ADOPT-AN-ELEMENT is due tomorrow! 

E-mail me if you cannot print it off: musbach.mehgan@slpschools.org


Today: Students finished their periodic table tests and papers from third quarter were passed back.

Extra credit assignments are due tomorrow.

Adopt-An-Element is due Thursday.


Dear Students,

I will be back tomorrow. My brother is doing much better, but has a long recovery ahead of him. Thanks for being so great while I was gone! I hope the test went well! 

- Miss M


Today: Students reviewed Bohr models and learned how to draw Lewis Dot Structures. With the remaining time - students worked on a review worksheet.

Homework: STUDY! Review worksheet due on Friday BEFORE the test.

Adopt-An-Element Project due: April 26th (Next Thursday)
Extra Credit Projects Due: April 24th (Next Tuesday)

Have a Happy Day!

Miss M


Today: Students researched an element for the Adopt - an - Element project.  It will be due on Thursday the 26th.  It is worth 50 points! Please see me for a rubric if you were gone!

Reminder: Test Friday - STUDY STUDY STUDY! 

Extra Credit projects are due next Tuesday, April 24th.

Have a happy day! 

Miss M


April 16th

Today: Students learned how to fill out Bohr Models and reviewed electrons.  Then they worked with a partner to complete a Bohr model practice worksheet.

Homework: Study for the test!

TOMORROW we will be in the LMC lab!

Test on Friday


Today: Students did a jelly bean simulation to determine the number of protons and neutrons in an element's nucleus.  Then they determined the difference between isotopes and an average atom.

Homework: Blue Neutron Worksheet - Due TOMORROW


April 11

Today: Students learned how to find the number of neutrons in an element's nucleus.  They completed questions 1-5 on a blue neutron worksheet.  Students were also informed of extra credit opportunities for this unit. 

Homework: Blue Neutron worksheet - due Friday (Monday for Lang. Camp students)


Today: Students took a short quiz about Protons and Atomic Number.  Then they used their periodic tables to answer questions and complete a scavenger hunt.  Students also determined what groups (vertical columns) and periods (horizontal rows) are on the periodic table.  

Atomic Number worksheet was due today.

Homework: None


Today: Students colored periodic tables by element category. i.e. noble gases, halogens, transition metals.  Then they started an Atomic Number worksheet - finding the number of protons in an element.

Homework: Atomic Number Worksheet #1-16.


Today: Students watched a Brain Pop on Atoms as a review and then took a partner quiz about atoms and their structure.  Then they read about Atomic Models and how they have changed through out history. 

Homework: None


Today: Students continued working on their MCA science tests.  If they finished the test, they worked on an atom structure review worksheet.  

Homework: NONE


Today: Students started to take the MCA Science test.  They will continue with the test tomorrow.

Homework: GET SLEEP!


April 2

Today: Students started the Chemistry unit.  They took a pretest and had learned about atomic structure!

Tomorrow: MCA testing in Lab A! GET SLEEP and EAT breakfast! :)