October 31, 2012


Today: Students completed Lab P4: Mass and the Sinking Straw.  Then they created Best-Fit Line graphs showcasing their class data. 

Homework: Finish class data graphs for class tomorrow

Don't eat tooo much candy tonight! 

My favorite are Reeses PB Cups!!!! (wink, wink)

Mrs. Setten


October 30,2012

Today: 1.) Students used their Graphing homework to answer questions during class.  

2.) Then they completed Pre-Lab activities for Lab P4: Mass and the Sinking Straw.  For this, they read the background information as a class.  Then filled in a Flow Chart with the procedure of the lab. 

3.) Classes that had extra time, began to work on a vocabulary practice sheet. 

Homework: None

End of the Quarter is Thursday! :)

Mrs. Setten


October 29, 2012

Today: Students turned in the Lab P2 packet with completed summary questions. Tests from the measurement unit were passed back for students to keep.  

Then we discussed our lengthy vocabulary list for this unit. Students copied the definitions on a vocabulary worksheet and taped it in their binder. 


1) Students will complete question #1 on the Graph Work worksheet.  It is due TOMORROW. 10/30

2) Lab P2 packet is also due tomorrow for those who were absent Friday or did not finish the assignment.

I hope you had a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 26, 2012

Today: Students had a number of tasks to work on as the end of the quarter will soon be here.

1. Students finished plotting their class data onto a graph and drawing a best-fit line.
2. Then they worked on Lab P2 Summary questions
3. Grade "Check In" with Mrs. Setten
4. Work on any missing assignments for science

The last scientist of the week was due today!  Students can still turn in reports for a grade of 60% (it is way better than a zero!)

Homework:  P2 Summary Questions are due Monday

Have a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 25, 2012

Today: Students continued best-fit graphing.  They used their class data from Lab P2.  

Homework: SCIENTIST OF THE WEEK! - due tomorrow 10/26

Jonas Salk is our final scientist of the quarter! 

Have a great snowy day!

Mrs. Setten


October 24, 2012

Today: Students reviewed graphing concepts for science class.  They highlighted a graphing note sheet while we read through it as a class.  Then, students began lab P3: Graphing P2 data.  Today we graphed a set of individual data collected and made a Best-Fit Line.

Homework: Scientist of the WEEK! - due Friday 10/26


Mrs. Setten


October 23, 2012

Today: Students completed Lab P2 "Sinking a Straw."  

Homework: Lab P2: Summary Question #2 and challenge questions.

Scientist of the Week: Jonas Salk - due FRIDAY! (Last Chance)

Have a GREAT day!

Mrs. Setten


October 22, 2012

Sorry about the delayed post!

Today: Students took a short clicker quiz about the scientific method.  Then we reflected on Lab P1: "Liquids and Vials" and began to read about Lab P2: "Sinking a Straw"

Homework:  Because it is the last week for scientist of the week, I am assigning minimal homework this week.  Students should focus on getting their reports in.  I do not accept late reports as an advocate for students taking responsibility for their own success in science class! Please encourage them to finish these reports!

Scientist of the Week: Jonas Salk - due FRIDAY! 

*** This is the last scientist of the quarter! 

Hope you had a great MEA break!

Mrs. Setten


October 17, 2012

Happy End of the Week! 

I hope you all enjoy your long MEA weekend!  I am heading to Wisconsin Dells for some indoor water park and roller coaster fun! (Still a big kid at heart!)

Today:  Students completed lab P1: Liquids & Vials.  It is the beginning of our new investigative unit on Buoyancy.   

Homework: Scientist of the Week Reports.  If you have turned in two you have NO HW!

Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Monday 10/21

FINAL SCIENTIST OF THE QUARTER! Jonas Salk - Due Friday 10/25

Mrs. Setten


October 15, 2012

I hope all had a great weekend. :)

Congrats to the Boy's C2 soccer team on their Runner-Up performance at the State Tournament! 

Today: Students reviewed the Scientific Method and types of data.  Next, students participated in a Skittle data activity.  They needed to write 2 qualitative statements and 2 quantitative statements about their packet of skittles. Lastly, we continued Lab Safety by watching part 2 of the safety video. 

Homework: NONE.

Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Mon 10/21 (Due to MEA weekend I have extended the deadline to Monday)

If you have not turned in ANY scientist of the week reports, we are down to the final two weeks! 

Have a great day,

Mrs. Setten


October 12, 2012

I am sorry that I forgot to post yesterday! It was a busy day with conferences to prepare for!!! It was nice to meet many of your parents and talk about all of the great qualities that you bring to science class.

Today: Students worked with Mrs. James class in the LMC.  First we watched a brain pop about the scientific method.  Then they worked in small groups and wrote in their own words some key definitions.  Lastly we discussed the difference between qualitative and quantitative data.  

Homework: None.

Achimedes reports are due TODAY!

NEW Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Monday 10/21 (due to MEA week I have extended the deadline!)


Have a safe weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 10, 2012

Today: Students finished their measurement tests!  When students finished, they got to enjoy a book or catch up on homework. 

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due Friday 10/12

*** All students who have not yet turned in a scientist report need to get started ASAP!!!

Conferences are tomorrow and Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:30p

Mrs. Setten


October 9, 2012

Today: Students took the measurement test! 

Homework: None. 

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due 10/12

If you have not yet turned in a scientist report - you have ONLY 3 more chances!!!!! 

Hope to see you at conferences this Thursday!

Mrs. Setten (Musbach)


October 8, 2012

Today: Garbage Can Basketball Review! 

IMPORTANT: Test is tomorrow.  Students can write notes to use on the test on the two sided note card distributed in class.

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due Friday 10/12

Conferences are this Thursday 10/11 from 4:00 to 7:30


Mrs. Setten


October 4, 2012

Today: Students completed a warm up, practicing conversions and area problems in their science notebook.  Then they began the measuring mass lab.  They worked in small groups during this time.  

Homework: Begin to study for the unit test. Check for missing assignments! (They are due by Tuesday.)

Measurement Assessment is next Tuesday 9/9


Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due tomorrow!


October 3, 2012

Today: Student participated in a WRITE-PAIR-SHARE activity.  

First. Students watched a short Mass vs. Weight cartoon.  While they watched the video they filled out a graphic organizer by WRITING notes.  Then they PAIRED with a partner and shared notes with each other.  Finally we SHARED as a class and filled in any notes that were missed and are important.  

Next, Mass and the Triple Beam Balance were introduced.  First, I demonstrated how to use the balance.  Then, Students were given 10 minutes at the end of the period to practice using the balance in the back lab.

Homework: Using the Balance Worksheet - due tomorrow

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due Fri 10/5

COMING SOON:  Measurement Unit Test - NEXT Tuesday

Mrs. Setten :)


October 2, 2012

Today: Students worked with a lab partner and completed the measuring liquid volume lab.  They used beakers and graduated cylinders to measure different amounts of a "mystery" liquid and determine which tool was better to use. 

Homework: NONE. Turn in LATE WORK!

Coming Soon: Measurement Unit Test - Next Tuesday

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due Friday 10/5 


Mrs. Setten


October 1, 2012


I had a perfect wedding day but definitely missed the students! Thank you for the wonderful posters - they made my day when I walked into the classroom!

Today:  Students read through the volume lab.  They will be using various sized beakers and graduated cylinders and practicing measuring with them.  Students taped the lab write up into their science notebooks.  Then we spent a little time chatting about my big day!

Homework: None.  

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due 10/5

If you have checked power school in the past week DO NOT PANIC! I will have grades updated by Tuesday - I had wedding brain last week and did not have time to put the new grades in!

Have a great Monday!

Mrs. Setten ..... weird!