December 19, 2012

Today: Students took a buoyancy test.  They were able to use the white index card given to them yesterday if they chose to write down notes.  

Homework: All Buoyancy Unit work is due FRIDAY.

S.O.T.W: Dian Fossey - due Monday after break

3 more days until a much deserved break!

Mrs. Setten


December 18, 2012

Today: Students reviewed for a test.  First we practiced problems similar to the skills being tested. Then we went over any formulas that they may need to know.  Finally, students were given a white index card which they can use for their test.  They had the remaining class time to write notes on the index card.



Scientist: Diane Fossey - due after break

TEST TOMORROW! Bring your note card. 

Have a great night!

Mrs. Setten


December 17, 2012

A late night post!

Today: Students took notes on Buoyancy.  Then they practiced calculating density, mass and volume using the circle of formulas.  Finally took a density quiz and signed up for a date to demo their sub project.

Homework: TURN IN LATE WORK.  All late work is due FRIDAY for the unit.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the last lab make up day.

Scientist of the Week: Diane Fossey - due Monday after winter break

* A reminder that students need to complete two scientist reports per quarter.  As of late, many students have not turned one in!

4 more days until a much deserved break!

Mrs. Setten


December 14, 2012


I cannot wait to see all of the great ideas that students came up with! We will begin testing next week.  

Today: Students watched a brain pop on Submarines.  Then they wrote a statement about how their sub project is like a real submarine.  

Homework: Check power school - GET ALL WORK HANDED IN!

Monday and Tuesday next week will be lab make up days.  Students will receive a 0 if they do not come in to make up missed labs on one of those day!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Setten


December 13, 2012

Today:  Students worked on graphing their data from P12.  We also discussed how density and buoyancy are related. 

SUB PROJECTS and Captain Logs! Due Tomorrow - 12/14

SOTW: Mary Styles Harris - due Monday 12/17

** I know that we have been extremely busy in science class BUT we need to make it a priority to get our work turned in on the due date!  Many of the P11 Lab Reports were not turned in on time and we had three full class periods to work on the lab and report, which was ample time to complete it.  NO EXCUSES, lets make it better!

Have a great night! 

Mrs. Setten


December 12, 2012

Today: Students completed Lab P12: Buoyancy of Liquids.  This is the lab that culminates our unit on Buoyancy.  Tomorrow we will be graphing and making connections between Buoyancy and density.

Homework: SUB PROJECTS - due Friday 12/14

Mary Styles Harris - 12/17 (Monday)

Mrs. Setten


December 11, 2012

We have had many students out due to illness.  Those students can work on their scientist of the week reports.  Two are due by the end of the quarter.  This week's scientist is MARY STYLES HARRIS.  

Students can also work on their sub projects! The sub project is a 90 point project that was assigned one month ago! Please make sure it is in on TIME.

Today: We reviewed the BIG pictures from all of the labs leading us to where we currently stand.  Then students completed three stations to practice with different calculations such as density and submerged volume.

Homework: Lab P11 Formal Report - DUE TOMORROW 12/12


Scientist of the Week: Mary Styles Harris due - Monday 12/17

Stay Healthy and Happy,

Mrs. Setten


December 7, 2012

Today:  We stepped out of the realm of science to focus on Bullying Awareness.  Students watched a short clip and discussed the actions taken by the victim, antagonist and bystanders.  We talked about what we see in our school and how was can make a difference.  Students have the power to make SLPMS a safe, fun place for all students!

Formal Lab Report - due 12/12 (NEXT WEDNESDAY)

Kelvin was due today.


December 6, 2012

Today: Students continued to work on their individual P11 lab.  Once they gathered data they began to analyze and make graphs.  

P11 Formal Lab Report - due Wednesday 12/12
SUB PROJECT - due Friday 12/14

Lord Baron Kelvin - due tomorrow 12/7


December 5, 2012

Today: Students began a LAB assessment today.  They will work on an investigation individually (Lab P11).  They must write up a formal lab report from start to finish, then complete the experiment to gather data; analyze the data and write a conclusion.  This lab is worth 28 points and showcases students abilities to be inquisitive, reflective, thinkers.

Formal Lab Report. Must be written in black/blue ink or typed.  - Due Wed. 12/12
Sub Project - due Friday 12/14

Scientist of the Week:  Kelvin - due Friday 12/7

Lots to do in science before winter break!

Mrs. Setten


December 4, 2012

Today: Students voted to name our new class fish! Then we analyzed the class data that was collected in Lab P10: Density of Objects.  Students graphed 5 floating and 5 sinking object's data and began summary questions.  At the end class, students took a few more density notes that helped summary the BIG PICTURE of lab P10.

Homework:  Lab P10 graph and Summary questions - due TOMORROW

Scientist of the Week: Lord Baron Kelvin

SUB PROJECTS!!!! - due NEXT Friday 12/14

These are 90 point projects so make them a priority!

Have a great day!

Mrs. Setten


December 3, 2012

Today: Students completed Lab P10.  

Homework: Sub Project - Due Friday 12/14


Scientist of the Week: Lord Baron Kelvin - Due Friday 12/7


November 29, 2012

Today: Students competed the remainder of their FAST skills test.  

Homework: SUB projects! 

Scientist of the Week:  Anders Celsius - due TOMORROW


November 28, 2012

Today: Students started their FAST Skills Test.  They will have today and tomorrow to complete the test.

Homework:  Work on sub projects!

Scientist of the Week:  

Anders Celsius - Due 11/30

Lord Baron Kelvin - Due 12/7

Mrs. Setten


November 26, 2012


I missed you all while I was away - but definitely enjoyed the white sand beaches and awesome snorkeling that the B.V.I's had to offer!

Today: We discussed the questions to lab P7, then went through what to study for our upcoming test on Wednesday.  Students received a yellow review packet last week that they worked on with the remaining class time. At the end we shared about our Thanksgiving Breaks.

Homework: Yellow review packets are due tomorrow at the beginning of class. 

Scientist of the Week:  Anders Celsius - due Friday 11/30
Lord Baron Kelvin - due 12/7


November 16, 2012

Today: Submarine Demo Day! Students learned about their submarine projects that are due on December 14th.  This is a major project and worth 90 points! 

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due 11/16 - THAT'S TODAY!

NEW Scientist of the Week: Anders Celsius - due Monday 11/26

I will be gone Monday and Tuesday as I will be on my honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands!  I hope that you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving break - eat LOTS of Turkey!  I am thankful to have each of you in Science.

Mrs. Setten


November 14, 2012

Today: Students used data and summary questions to come up with the BIG PICTURE of lab p6.  Submerged Volume = Displaced Volume! Then students took a clicker quiz about submerged volume. Lastly, students used their lab books to complete the problem and procedure sections of their lab report for P7.

Homework:  If you did not turn in your lab P6 report, get it in ASAP! :)

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due Friday 11/16

Have a super night!

Mrs. Setten


November 13, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Today: We used our class data to graph a best fit line of the submerged volume vs the water displaced.  Then students answered the summary questions.  

Homework: Finish summary questions for tomorrow!

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due Friday 11/16

Mrs. Setten


November 12, 2012

My apologies on the late post!

Today: Students completed Lab P6.  They measured the submerged volume of different sized boxes and then the volume of displaced water from actually submerging the box to the measured depth.  

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due Friday 11/16

Have a great night!

Mrs. Setten


November 9, 2012

Today: Students corrected their vocabulary homework at the beginning of class.  Then we prepared for lab P6.  Students recorded the title, problem and procedure in their lab notebooks.  Then they taped in the data table.  Finally, a demonstration of the lab was given for the students.

Homework: None - Maybe complete your Gabriel Fahrenheit report! 

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due Friday 11/16

REMINDER:  The expectation for science is to have homework completed on the date due!  Make sure you are using your planner and utilizing class time given for work appropriately in order to be successful in this department! :)

Be Safe, Have Fun, & See you Monday,

Mrs. Setten


November 8, 2012

Today: Students continued their group illustrations of floating, sinking and submerging objects.  Then they started a vocabulary worksheet to practice with the words we use during this unit!

Homework: Blue Vocabulary Worksheet -due Friday

Scientist of the Week: Gabriel Fahrenheit - due next Friday 11/16

Have a Great Night!

Mrs. Setten


November 7, 2012

Today: Students reflected on the P5 summary questions at the beginning of class.  Then notes were given on volume, floating, sinking and submerging. Students highlighted the notes as we read through.  Lastly students participated in a small group activity. They are illustrating an aquatic scene with floating, submerged and sunken objects.

Homework: none

Scientist of the Week: Introduced tomorrow (an extra day!)

Have a great day!

Mrs. Setten


November 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Quarter. 

We all start fresh with a chance to reflect on what we could do better and give effort into improving ourselves. 
Today: Students took a 10 question clicker quiz about graphing. The needed a score of 6 or better to pass the quiz.  Remember, if you do not pass a clicker quiz you can always retake it to improve your grade!  After the quiz, we began to read about Lab P5: Sinking Cartons.  We will complete the lab tomorrow.

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week will be assigned Friday!

Have a Great Day!

Mrs. Setten


October 31, 2012


Today: Students completed Lab P4: Mass and the Sinking Straw.  Then they created Best-Fit Line graphs showcasing their class data. 

Homework: Finish class data graphs for class tomorrow

Don't eat tooo much candy tonight! 

My favorite are Reeses PB Cups!!!! (wink, wink)

Mrs. Setten


October 30,2012

Today: 1.) Students used their Graphing homework to answer questions during class.  

2.) Then they completed Pre-Lab activities for Lab P4: Mass and the Sinking Straw.  For this, they read the background information as a class.  Then filled in a Flow Chart with the procedure of the lab. 

3.) Classes that had extra time, began to work on a vocabulary practice sheet. 

Homework: None

End of the Quarter is Thursday! :)

Mrs. Setten


October 29, 2012

Today: Students turned in the Lab P2 packet with completed summary questions. Tests from the measurement unit were passed back for students to keep.  

Then we discussed our lengthy vocabulary list for this unit. Students copied the definitions on a vocabulary worksheet and taped it in their binder. 


1) Students will complete question #1 on the Graph Work worksheet.  It is due TOMORROW. 10/30

2) Lab P2 packet is also due tomorrow for those who were absent Friday or did not finish the assignment.

I hope you had a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 26, 2012

Today: Students had a number of tasks to work on as the end of the quarter will soon be here.

1. Students finished plotting their class data onto a graph and drawing a best-fit line.
2. Then they worked on Lab P2 Summary questions
3. Grade "Check In" with Mrs. Setten
4. Work on any missing assignments for science

The last scientist of the week was due today!  Students can still turn in reports for a grade of 60% (it is way better than a zero!)

Homework:  P2 Summary Questions are due Monday

Have a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 25, 2012

Today: Students continued best-fit graphing.  They used their class data from Lab P2.  

Homework: SCIENTIST OF THE WEEK! - due tomorrow 10/26

Jonas Salk is our final scientist of the quarter! 

Have a great snowy day!

Mrs. Setten


October 24, 2012

Today: Students reviewed graphing concepts for science class.  They highlighted a graphing note sheet while we read through it as a class.  Then, students began lab P3: Graphing P2 data.  Today we graphed a set of individual data collected and made a Best-Fit Line.

Homework: Scientist of the WEEK! - due Friday 10/26


Mrs. Setten


October 23, 2012

Today: Students completed Lab P2 "Sinking a Straw."  

Homework: Lab P2: Summary Question #2 and challenge questions.

Scientist of the Week: Jonas Salk - due FRIDAY! (Last Chance)

Have a GREAT day!

Mrs. Setten


October 22, 2012

Sorry about the delayed post!

Today: Students took a short clicker quiz about the scientific method.  Then we reflected on Lab P1: "Liquids and Vials" and began to read about Lab P2: "Sinking a Straw"

Homework:  Because it is the last week for scientist of the week, I am assigning minimal homework this week.  Students should focus on getting their reports in.  I do not accept late reports as an advocate for students taking responsibility for their own success in science class! Please encourage them to finish these reports!

Scientist of the Week: Jonas Salk - due FRIDAY! 

*** This is the last scientist of the quarter! 

Hope you had a great MEA break!

Mrs. Setten


October 17, 2012

Happy End of the Week! 

I hope you all enjoy your long MEA weekend!  I am heading to Wisconsin Dells for some indoor water park and roller coaster fun! (Still a big kid at heart!)

Today:  Students completed lab P1: Liquids & Vials.  It is the beginning of our new investigative unit on Buoyancy.   

Homework: Scientist of the Week Reports.  If you have turned in two you have NO HW!

Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Monday 10/21

FINAL SCIENTIST OF THE QUARTER! Jonas Salk - Due Friday 10/25

Mrs. Setten


October 15, 2012

I hope all had a great weekend. :)

Congrats to the Boy's C2 soccer team on their Runner-Up performance at the State Tournament! 

Today: Students reviewed the Scientific Method and types of data.  Next, students participated in a Skittle data activity.  They needed to write 2 qualitative statements and 2 quantitative statements about their packet of skittles. Lastly, we continued Lab Safety by watching part 2 of the safety video. 

Homework: NONE.

Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Mon 10/21 (Due to MEA weekend I have extended the deadline to Monday)

If you have not turned in ANY scientist of the week reports, we are down to the final two weeks! 

Have a great day,

Mrs. Setten


October 12, 2012

I am sorry that I forgot to post yesterday! It was a busy day with conferences to prepare for!!! It was nice to meet many of your parents and talk about all of the great qualities that you bring to science class.

Today: Students worked with Mrs. James class in the LMC.  First we watched a brain pop about the scientific method.  Then they worked in small groups and wrote in their own words some key definitions.  Lastly we discussed the difference between qualitative and quantitative data.  

Homework: None.

Achimedes reports are due TODAY!

NEW Scientist of the Week: Mae Jemison - due Monday 10/21 (due to MEA week I have extended the deadline!)


Have a safe weekend!

Mrs. Setten


October 10, 2012

Today: Students finished their measurement tests!  When students finished, they got to enjoy a book or catch up on homework. 

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due Friday 10/12

*** All students who have not yet turned in a scientist report need to get started ASAP!!!

Conferences are tomorrow and Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:30p

Mrs. Setten


October 9, 2012

Today: Students took the measurement test! 

Homework: None. 

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due 10/12

If you have not yet turned in a scientist report - you have ONLY 3 more chances!!!!! 

Hope to see you at conferences this Thursday!

Mrs. Setten (Musbach)


October 8, 2012

Today: Garbage Can Basketball Review! 

IMPORTANT: Test is tomorrow.  Students can write notes to use on the test on the two sided note card distributed in class.

Scientist of the Week: Archimedes - due Friday 10/12

Conferences are this Thursday 10/11 from 4:00 to 7:30


Mrs. Setten


October 4, 2012

Today: Students completed a warm up, practicing conversions and area problems in their science notebook.  Then they began the measuring mass lab.  They worked in small groups during this time.  

Homework: Begin to study for the unit test. Check for missing assignments! (They are due by Tuesday.)

Measurement Assessment is next Tuesday 9/9


Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due tomorrow!


October 3, 2012

Today: Student participated in a WRITE-PAIR-SHARE activity.  

First. Students watched a short Mass vs. Weight cartoon.  While they watched the video they filled out a graphic organizer by WRITING notes.  Then they PAIRED with a partner and shared notes with each other.  Finally we SHARED as a class and filled in any notes that were missed and are important.  

Next, Mass and the Triple Beam Balance were introduced.  First, I demonstrated how to use the balance.  Then, Students were given 10 minutes at the end of the period to practice using the balance in the back lab.

Homework: Using the Balance Worksheet - due tomorrow

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due Fri 10/5

COMING SOON:  Measurement Unit Test - NEXT Tuesday

Mrs. Setten :)


October 2, 2012

Today: Students worked with a lab partner and completed the measuring liquid volume lab.  They used beakers and graduated cylinders to measure different amounts of a "mystery" liquid and determine which tool was better to use. 

Homework: NONE. Turn in LATE WORK!

Coming Soon: Measurement Unit Test - Next Tuesday

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due Friday 10/5 


Mrs. Setten


October 1, 2012


I had a perfect wedding day but definitely missed the students! Thank you for the wonderful posters - they made my day when I walked into the classroom!

Today:  Students read through the volume lab.  They will be using various sized beakers and graduated cylinders and practicing measuring with them.  Students taped the lab write up into their science notebooks.  Then we spent a little time chatting about my big day!

Homework: None.  

Scientist of the Week: Jane Goodall - due 10/5

If you have checked power school in the past week DO NOT PANIC! I will have grades updated by Tuesday - I had wedding brain last week and did not have time to put the new grades in!

Have a great Monday!

Mrs. Setten ..... weird!


September 26-28, 2012

Sorry this is so late!

Today: Students took notes on liquid volume.  We focused on the graduated cylinder and practiced reading the meniscus.  Students then had time to work on make up work or the homework.

Homework: Liquid Volume Worksheet - due Thursday

Scientist of the Week: Annie Easley - due Friday 9/28

I will be gone on Thursday and Friday for my wedding weekend! I hope that all goes well - I know that we have an outstanding group of students who will represent our school in a positive manner.  I will be back Monday.  While I am gone here is what the students will be doing:

Thursday:  Students will review concepts of measurement by reading about metric units for distance, volume and mass. They will read from a the physical science textbook and answer questions on a reading guide with their Albert Einstein partners.  

Homework: none

Friday: Students will complete a graduated cylinder worksheet and preview the liquid volume lab that we will complete Monday when I return.  

Homework: Graduated Cylinder Worksheet - due Monday 

New Scientist of the Week - Jane Goodall 

I hope that the rest of the week is wonderful!  I miss all of my students already and look forward to the great reports that I receive from our guest teacher

Also - good luck to the boys soccer team tomorrow at the game!

- Miss Musbach ... soon to be Setten!


September 25, 2012

Today: My sister and mom visited our classes today.  They are in town for the wedding and wanted to see why I love my job so much! :) Students completed the Area Lab then asked questions about Hong Kong, where my sister currently works and resides! 

Homework:  Area and Volume Worksheet - due Wed.

Scientist of the Week: Annie Easley - due Friday 9/28


September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!

Today: Students reviewed notes on finding the area and volume of a solid object.  Then they worked in pairs to complete an Area and Volume worksheet.  

Homework: Area and Volume worksheet - due Wed. 9/26

Scientist of the Week: Annie Easley - due Friday 9/28

REMINDER:  I will be gone Friday for my wedding weekend.  

Go Pack Go!

Miss Musbach


September 21, 2012

Happy Friday!

Today: Students in Mrs. James (Mrs. Small's LTS) and our class went to the media center and viewed a Planet Earth about Jungles.  The Isaac Newton Scientist of the Week Reports were due.  Theywill be accepted until 5p today.

Homework: None

Our new scientist of the week: Annie Easley - due next Friday 9/29

I will also be absent next Friday as I am getting married on the 29th!  

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! 

Miss Musbach


September 20, 2012

Sorry that I posted so late tonight! 

Today: Students took a metric conversion quiz on their clickers.  Then students were introduced to Area and Volume by taking notes in their science notebook!  Period 7 students will do this on Monday as we had a assembly in the field house today. 

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week: Isaac Newton - due TOMORROW 9/21

See you tomorrow!

Miss Musbach


September 19, 2012

Today: Students finished their conversion labs today with their Isaac Newton Partners.    Period 2 also, learned the metric shuffle. 

Homework: Turn in any missing assignments! 

Isaac Newton Reports - due by 9/21


Miss Musbach


September 18, 2012

Today: Students reviewed metric conversions.  Then they did the "Metric Shuffle".  

Homework: Metric conversions #5-8 - due Wednesday 9/19

Scientist of the Week: Isaac Newton - due Friday 9/21


September 17, 2012

Today: Students began to learn conversions for the metric system.

Homework: Conversions sections 1-4. - due tomorrow, 9/18

Scientist of the Week: Isaac Newton - due 9/21


September 14, 2012

Happy "Packer's beat the Bears" day!
Today: Students took a measurement quiz.   Then they went to the foyer for a metric scavenger hunt.  

Albert Einstein Reports - due TODAY!

Homework:  Turn in the blue contract if you have not, and any late work. 
Next Scientist of the Week:  Isaac Newton - due 9/21

Have a safe and fun weekend! 

Miss Musbach


September 13th, 2012

Today: Students took a quiz on the metric system basics.  Then they completed a length lab to help with proficiency in using a meter stick. 

Albert Einstein Reports - due Tomorrow

Homework: Students who did not finish the lab must measure objects at home to complete assignment.


September 12, 2012

Today: Students wrapped up their Venn diagrams about the Metric system vs English system.  Then they listened to a rap about Meters, Liters and Grams - and filled in the missing words in the lyrics.  Finally, students practiced using the centimeters side of a ruler.

Home measurements worksheet - due TOMORROW 9/13
Scientist of the Week: Albert Einstein - due 9/14

Please do not forge to sign and return your blue class contracts!

Miss Musbach


September 11, 2012


Today: We started our measurement unit today! First, Students took a metric pretest with a partner.  Then they watched a Brain Pop comparing the Customary English and Metric measurement systems. Finally, , we began comparing the two systems in a Venn Diagram. 

Brain Pop Link: http://www.brainpop.com/math/numbersandoperations/metricvscustomary/

Scientist of the Week: Albert Einstein - due 9/14

Miss Musbach


September 10, 2012

Happy Monday! 

There was an unfortunate Packer loss yesterday.

Today in Class: Students listened to a presentation about their agenda planners and the school rules given by their Dean, Randy Zutz.  The Science A to Z project was due today! 

Scientist of the Week: Albert Einstein - due 9/14

Have a great day! 

Miss Musbach


September 7, 2012


Today: We reviewed the Class Contract.  Students and their Parents need to sign this and return asap.  We also introduced the Scientist of the Week Project. 

Scientist of the Week: Albert Einstein - due 9/14

Homework: Science A to Z - due 9/10
Bring back class contract!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Miss Musbach


September 6, 2012

Happy Thursday! 

Period 2:  Students went on a room tour and set up notebooks.  :)

Period 5-8:  Students filled out Scientist Lab Partners sheet and participated in the Kaleidoscope Lab.

Homework: Science A to Z - due 9/10 

* Turn in to Homework Drop Box if possible!


September 5th, 2012

Good Afternoon 7th Graders,

Today: Students went on a "room tour" discussing procedures in the classroom.  They also set up their science notebooks.

1.) Science A to Z - Due Monday 9/10
*This should be sent to the homework drop box if possible on my school webpage.


Peace. Love. Packers!

Miss M


September 4th, 2012

Welcome to 7th Grade Science!  

Check this blog to see what we did while you were gone OR to double check homework assignments if you simply forget (it happens)!

Today: students completed the Observation Lab and a student information survey.  

I am very excited to get our school year underway!

Miss Musbach


Hour 5: Students concluded lab P17 Analyzing Water.

Hour 6 and 8: Began lab P17 Analyzing Water and played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Today: Students concluded lab P16 by graphing the classes data.  Then they were introduced to the Law of Conservation of Mass.  We worked on a worksheet re-enforcing the ratios between reactants and products.  At the end of class students took a quiz regarding the lab.

Homework: None


May 10

Today:  Students worked in lab groups and used their triple beam balances to find the masses of different objects for Lab P16.  Then papers and tests were passed back.

Homework: None! 

Happy Thursday.


May 9

Today: Students concluded Lab P15 and took a quiz. Then we discussed the background information on Lab 16.  

Homework: Lab P15 summaries are due TOMORROW.


Today: Students worked on Lab P15 summary.  They also learned how to draw systems analysis diagrams.

Homework:  Lab P15 summary


Today: Students completed lab P15 "Analyzing Blue Vitriol".  

Homework: None

Turn in your missing work! :)


2nd Period: Students read about how to indicate a chemical reaction is taking place, and wrote vocabulary.  Then they reviewed chemical reactions for a quiz tomorrow.

Rest of Periods: Students Reviewed chemical reactions and took a quiz.  Then students read through Flame Test Lab procedure. 

Homework: P14 lab summary due tomorrow!


Today: Students finished up lab P14.  Then as a class, discussed the chemical reactions that they observed in the lab and the indicators that show a reaction was taking place.  Lastly, students worked on their lab summaries. This is a 1-2 paragraph assignment.  

Turn in your homework PRONTO!

Have a Happy Day!


Today: Students continued the chemistry sampler lab.



Today: Students started lab P14: Chemistry Sampler Lab

Homework: None



Today: Students reviewed physical and chemical changes.  Then they watched a Mythbusters about coca-cola reactions.  

Tomorrow: Students will review lab safety and read about their first of many labs- the Chem. Sampler Lab!


Today: Students learned about Physical and Chemical changes.  

ADOPT-AN-ELEMENT is due tomorrow! 

E-mail me if you cannot print it off: musbach.mehgan@slpschools.org


Today: Students finished their periodic table tests and papers from third quarter were passed back.

Extra credit assignments are due tomorrow.

Adopt-An-Element is due Thursday.


Dear Students,

I will be back tomorrow. My brother is doing much better, but has a long recovery ahead of him. Thanks for being so great while I was gone! I hope the test went well! 

- Miss M


Today: Students reviewed Bohr models and learned how to draw Lewis Dot Structures. With the remaining time - students worked on a review worksheet.

Homework: STUDY! Review worksheet due on Friday BEFORE the test.

Adopt-An-Element Project due: April 26th (Next Thursday)
Extra Credit Projects Due: April 24th (Next Tuesday)

Have a Happy Day!

Miss M


Today: Students researched an element for the Adopt - an - Element project.  It will be due on Thursday the 26th.  It is worth 50 points! Please see me for a rubric if you were gone!

Reminder: Test Friday - STUDY STUDY STUDY! 

Extra Credit projects are due next Tuesday, April 24th.

Have a happy day! 

Miss M


April 16th

Today: Students learned how to fill out Bohr Models and reviewed electrons.  Then they worked with a partner to complete a Bohr model practice worksheet.

Homework: Study for the test!

TOMORROW we will be in the LMC lab!

Test on Friday