February 1, 2013

Today: Students will finish collecting data from Lab P18: Boiling Water.  They will spend the rest of the class period working on the summary questions and analyzing data to come up with a definition for boiling.  Students will take a short quiz at the end of the class period regarding boiling and temperature conversions. 

Homework: Phase Change Scrambler and P18 Lab Report (if not completed in class) - due Monday 2/4

Scientist of the Week: William Farrell is due today! 

Have a SAFE, FUN weekend.

Mrs. Setten


January 30, 2013

Today: We discussed the food color lab results and observations that student's made about the reaction of food color with different temperatures of water.  Then students completed the pre-lab for our next lab P18: Boiling Water.  

YELLOW temp. conversion worksheet is DUE today.
Food Color Lab write-up - Due Tomorrow 1/31

Scientist of the Week:  William Farrell - Due 2/1

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


January 29, 2013

Today: Students worked in groups of four to complete the Food Color Lab.  Each student had a role to keep in order for this lab to yield successful results. (Equipment Expert, Time Teller, Temp. Taker, and Observation Recorder.)  Students observed food coloring when dropped into three beakers of water at different temperatures. They got to use the bunsen burners!

Homework:  (Yellow) Temp. Conversions #2 Wksht- due tomorrow 1/30
Food Color Lab Report- Due Thursday 1/31

Scientist of the Week: William Farrell - due Friday 2/1

Have a Happy Day!

Mrs. Setten


January 28, 2013

Today: Students kicked off third quarter with a Pre-Lab in preparation for the Food Coloring Lab which will take place tomorrow.

Homework: Temperature Conversions #2 - due Wednesday

Scientist of the Week: William Farrell --- (NOT Buddy the Elf!) - due Friday 2/1

Let's start off the quarter with good habits!!! :)

Mrs. Setten


January 23, 2013

Today: Students took a short quiz on temperature conversions.  Then we discussed Bunsen Burner safety and students were able to practice lighting the burner after watching a demo on how it works.

Homework: Scientist of the Week: Charles Darwin - due TOMORROW!

** Students will use the Bunsen burners quite often during this unit and are expected to follow all lab directions.  Should a student misuse the equipment, a parent phone call home will be made. 

Last Day of the Quarter is TOMORROW. :) 

Mrs. Setten


January 22, 2013

Today: Students practiced temperature conversions for Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.  

Homework: Green Temperature Conversion Wkst - DUE TOMORROW

Scientist of the Week:  Charles Darwin - due Thursday 1/24

Mrs. Setten


January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Just a reminder that the end of the quarter is THURSDAY!

Scientist of the Week: Charles Darwin - due Thursday 1/24

Two must be completed by the end of the quarter.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Setten


January 18, 2013

Today: Students completed a warm up activity, testing knowledge on the three states of matter.  Then students got the chance to take on the "teaching" role during a jigsaw activity.  Students were assigned  one of the three temperature scientists and were responsible for researching and gathering the information.  Then they were grouped into threes and taught their peers about the scientist that they studied.


LAST S.o.t.W:  Charles Darwin - due Thursday 1/24

Important Dates: 
1/21- MLK Jr. DAY!
1/24 END OF 2nd QUARTER!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Setten


January 17, 2012

Sorry that I dropped the ball on my blogs.

I was at a teacher workshop - learning how make our classroom an even more cohesive community.

While I was gone: Students used text books to gain valuable background knowledge on matter and its different phases. They completed a blue packet of questions, which I collected today. On Wednesday they viewed Bill Nye "Phases of Matter" and took notes.

Today: Students filled in a venn diagram comparing solid, liquid and gas.  These are the phases of matter we will focus on.  We also discussed a fourth stage of matter called plasma.

Scientist for the week is Wangari Maathais - due tomorrow


Mrs. Setten


January 14, 2012

Today: Students began a new unit on MATTER! First, they took a pretest.  We are having a competition to see which class can achieve the highest average.  The winning class gets a treat Thursday. Next, students began to fill out an anticipation guide for the unit.  

Homework: Finish anticipation guide for tomorrow.

Tomorrow: I WILL BE AT A TRAINING TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.  I know that students will show our guest teacher how wonderful our science class is by working hard and behaving! :)

Scientist of the Week:  Wangari Maathai - due Friday 1/18

Have a great day!

Mrs. Setten


January 11, 2013

Today: We wrapped up the buoyancy unit.  Students with no outstanding assignments were able to enjoy a video while others made up work missed.  

Homework:  Scientist Reports!

New Scientist of the Week: Wangari Maathai - due Friday 1/ 18

Please take time this weekend to rest.  It has been a trying week for many of you. Your bodies - and your minds need it! 

Mrs. Setten


January 10, 2013

Today: Students wrapped up the buoyancy unit with a quiz. 

Homework: Scientist of the Week reports for the student who have not yet turned in their two for the quarter.

S.o.t.W: Daniel Hale Williams - due tomorrow

Mrs. Setten


January 9, 2013

Good Morning.

As many of you already know, our school district and community suffered a tough loss yesterday.  My deepest condolences to Carly's family and friends. She was a vibrant girl with a big heart.

Today:  We will begin to wrap up our buoyancy unit.  We will review main concepts about the buoyancy of liquids through a series of problems. We will also look at the liquids and vials system from Lab P1 to see if we can now explain how it works.

Homework: Review Worksheet - due Friday

Scientist of the Week: Daniel Hale Williams

* I was very impressed with the quality and creativity of students submarine projects.  

NEXT MONDAY: We will begin our next unit on Matter.

Mrs. Setten


January 8, 2012

Today: It is the FINAL day for students to test their submarines.

Homework: Scientist of the Week Reports! 

This week's scientist is Daniel Hale Williams - due Friday 1/11

Tomorrow:  We will review key concepts on Buoyancy and wrap up our unit by Friday with a quiz.

Next week we begin a new unit on Matter.

Mrs. Setten


January 7, 2012


Today: Students continued their sub demos.  Remember that this is a 90 point project, and late projects can only receive 75% at best.

Homework: None

Scientist of the Week:  Daniel Hale Williams - due FRIDAY 1/11

Mrs. Setten