March 18, 2013

Happy Monday and late start! 

The end of the third quarter is this THURSDAY! (That means you are 3/4 of the way to 8th grade!) My hope is that we continue to work on organization and prioritizing skills so that come 8th grade, we are prepared and ready to learn!

Today: We completed pre-lab for the Unknown Mineral Identification Lab. I have posted the procedure below.  Students are expected to have the procedure written down prior to the lab on Wednesday.

1.Select an unknown mineral for testing.
2.Look at the mineral’s color. Record on the data table.
3.Use the streak plate to rub mineral and create a powder.  Record the color of the powder.
4.Examine the luster. Record on the data table.
5.Test the unknown mineral for hardness. Record hardness on the data table.
6.Find the density of the mineral. Record on data table.
7.Examine the mineral to determine if it has cleavage.
8.Use a magnet to test for magnetic qualities.  Record results on the data table.
9.Put one drop of diluted hydrochloric acid on the mineral and observe.  Record any observations on the data table.
10.Identify the mineral by reading the dichotomous key and the data collected on the table.
11.Repeat steps 1-10 for unknown mineral #2.

***Tuesday after school will be a test/quiz/lab make up day for quarter 3.

Three more days until Spring Break.....Let's make them productive!

Mrs. Setten

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