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Thank you for regularly checking my blog!  To make things easier for you, I have decided to use Schoology updates to post our weekly agenda.  This post will be out on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.  All in class work, quizzes, and homework will be posted along with reminders or important info!

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Mrs. Setten



I am back after a short hiatus!

We are finally starting our new unit on LIGHT!  I am very excited to explore the world of electromagnetism with you all! :)

Today: Students compared artificial light and natural light.  Then we completed pre-lab for Lab P2: Area of Illumination

*Scientist of the Quarter reports! Get the 2nd quarter report out of the way by submitting your report in the next week!

Mrs. Setten



Today: Students finished building their penguin dwellings and conducted Trial #1 today.  Students collected quantitative data to calculate the percent lost of their ice cube penguin as it sat in the test oven for 10 minutes.

Homework: Look around your house.  What makes a house energy efficient?  What changes could you make in your house to decrease the energy transfer?

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Mrs. Setten



Learning targets:
I will use my knowledge of heat transfer to construct a penguin  dwelling.

I will practice the group work norm be willing to experience  discomfort to be an open-minded team member.
Today: Students began to build their penguin dwellings with their engineering groups.  Groups have a 100 dollar budget for materials and will be able to improve their design based on results from the first trial run tomorrow.

Homework: None

Mrs Setten



  Learning Targets:
--> I will inquire about my knowledge of heat transfer to solve a   problem.
--> I will practice the group work norm everyone has something to offer.

Today: Students completed three investigative mini-labs on heat transfer. 

Homework:  Work on individual design of penguin dwelling based on materials list. Bring Headphones for tomorrow's work time.

Mrs. Setten



Hope you had a great MEA break! 

Learning Targets:
  --> I will think about my knowledge of heat transfer to solve a problem.

  --> I will practice persistence and perseverance while working in a group.

Today: Students began the Criterion B: Save the Penguins Summative.  This is a week long engineering project.  Students will work in groups but will be judged on their use of the scientific method during the design cycle.  A copy of the rubric is available on Schoology.

Homework: n/a

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Mrs. Setten



Learning Target:  I will communicate my knowledge and understanding of heat energy.

Today: Students began Heat Summative 1 - Knowledge.  This is an IB and standard graded assessment. Students will have through tomorrow to finish the test.

Homework: STUDY!

Mrs. Setten