Today: Students completed the pre-lab for P20b.  This is a lab to investigate melting and freezing points of a pure substance. Students were also given materials for the PHASE CHANGE BOOK - see below for description.

Phase Change Book: DUE FRIDAY 2/20  This is a mini-project completed OUTSIDE of class time.  Students must make a book about the 5 phase changes that we will cover during our Matter unit.  The following criteria apply...

Book Set up:
Title Page - your choice
Pink - Melting
Blue - Freezing
Yellow - Boiling
Green - Condensation
White - Sublimation
Cover page
  • Title
  • Name
  • Class Period
  • Bedazzlement
On Each Sheet…
  • Word
  • Definition
  • Silly Sentence
  • Molecular Change
  • Heat Exchange
  • Picture
About the Author page
  • Quick Biography (3-5 sentences)
  • Picture
Book is Bound Together

Grading Rubric

_________/5 Title Page

_________/25 Phase Change Pages

_________/5 Biography

_________/ 35 Total Score

This is the student's ticket for the ice cream lab - if not turned in - no participation!

SOTW: Rachel Carson - due Friday

Mrs. Setten

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