September 26-28, 2012

Sorry this is so late!

Today: Students took notes on liquid volume.  We focused on the graduated cylinder and practiced reading the meniscus.  Students then had time to work on make up work or the homework.

Homework: Liquid Volume Worksheet - due Thursday

Scientist of the Week: Annie Easley - due Friday 9/28

I will be gone on Thursday and Friday for my wedding weekend! I hope that all goes well - I know that we have an outstanding group of students who will represent our school in a positive manner.  I will be back Monday.  While I am gone here is what the students will be doing:

Thursday:  Students will review concepts of measurement by reading about metric units for distance, volume and mass. They will read from a the physical science textbook and answer questions on a reading guide with their Albert Einstein partners.  

Homework: none

Friday: Students will complete a graduated cylinder worksheet and preview the liquid volume lab that we will complete Monday when I return.  

Homework: Graduated Cylinder Worksheet - due Monday 

New Scientist of the Week - Jane Goodall 

I hope that the rest of the week is wonderful!  I miss all of my students already and look forward to the great reports that I receive from our guest teacher

Also - good luck to the boys soccer team tomorrow at the game!

- Miss Musbach ... soon to be Setten!

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